11 express courier company started two wars rob, extra, increase routes ekdv-273

11 express courier company started two wars: grab people, extra routes to recruit 10 thousand people to open 20 thousand car multiple million bonus, plus, grab the route, the major courier companies started making "double eleven" express war – IT times Wang Jianjun "tens of millions of yuan bonus, recruitment, in order to deal with the upcoming" double eleven ", the major courier companies are stepping up recruiting. At the same time, in the face of the surge in the volume of business, logistics companies have increased transport vehicles, new air lines, the use of cloud platform for large data management…… Annual express war is about to open the curtain. On an afternoon zhuazhuangding "mode at the end of October, Zhejiang, a courier company in Shanghai boss Huang phone constantly, just finish a single business and a phone call to ask about the position. Double eleven is coming, and now want to recruit some couriers." Huang boss told the IT Times reporter, in accordance with previous years of experience, the distribution of the volume will be doubled during the eleven double, the current staff is not enough, so the early recruitment of some temporary workers. Wang Kai (a pseudonym) is Macao Road, another express courier company, he is now a daily distribution of about 200 single, monthly income of about four thousand or five thousand. Double eleven words, one day have to distribute more than and 400 single, the most when there are only a single 500." Wang Kai said, if it is too late, we can find some acquaintances or friends, holding the ID card to the boss there, and then I took him with the distribution. He got two or three dollars for every single delivery." Wang Kai told reporters that last year during the double eleven, his income in the bag of seven thousand or eight thousand yuan. Double eleven approaching, various courier companies are busy recruiting, and even some media reports said that some courier companies pay high salaries, the price was more than 10000 yuan. The reporter entered the courier, Shanghai and other words in several mainstream recruitment websites, see Debon logistics, daily express, SF, tact, Jingdong has released a large number of recruitment information, the number of up to ten pages, salary between 5000~8000 yuan. Among them, the most prominent is the logistics, the reporter found that it has a great demand for the district in Shanghai rough statistics, Debon logistics in recruitment of Shanghai district are more than 50 people. A hiring manager told reporters, with eleven coming, based on past experience, the volume should be more than usual two to three times, the courier is lack, as long as the age between 18~40 years old, without the need for education and work experience, can quickly entry. "If you want to do it, tomorrow will be able to report with the ID card." The hiring manager exclaimed. Million grand prize is ready according to preliminary forecast of the national post office, this year eleven period (November 11th to 16) express business volume processing industry will be more than 1 billion 50 million, an increase of 35% over last year. The input eleven courier service in the first line will reach 2 million 680 thousand, an increase of more than last year, compared to 50%. Yuantong express company CEO phase peak "IT times" said in an interview with reporters, is expected to double this year when the eleven round.相关的主题文章: