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119 the national fire safety day, parents must know the baby to escape the law – Sohu (2016-11-9) is the mother yesterday, accompanied by fire, winter quarter turn, weather is more dry, the fire accident is easy to multiple. Do you know the fire hazards in kindergarten? Do you know how to take a baby with a sudden situation? Teach your child to escape what taboo? And for everyone to look at science fire baby escape rule, parents who wish to nip in the bud, alarm bells ringing. 1, kindergarten is the main place for children, parents should pay attention to whether or not behind the door of the classroom will pile up some cleaning tools, such as whether the emergency escape route will be blocked, and the inserted thread protection, electronic teaching whether safety protection measures. If found improperly, to reflect to the teacher in a timely manner to eliminate hidden dangers. 2, take the baby to the public to hold the baby in the chest strap, is conducive to the liberation of adult hands, but also to ensure better protection of the baby in the escape. 3, do not lift the baby over the top of the head or let the baby sit on the neck of the parents, so as not to cause damage to the baby’s high chandelier, door frame. 4, the baby love toys, watch them trapped in the fire, especially some expensive limited edition toys, parents would like treasures in the baby’s crying, to help pick up the fire, often the accident that occurred in the back of the moment. 5, when the fire can not take the elevator, parents usually should be more training baby quickly down the stairs instinct. 6, the selection of suitable for children to read on the fire escape children’s books, parents and children together preview. This baby later encountered a similar incident, they will not rush. Although the fire is a small probability event, but the event will lead to serious consequences, so parents education of children is essential, to tell the baby right way to escape: the emergence of a fire, if you have a wet towel to cover your mouth and nose is better, if not as soon as possible with the low position to flee the scene, must pay attention to identify the direction, don’t panic. To run around shouting, it could lead to more gas inhalation and coma. Fire safety awareness should be trained from an early age. Let the children aware of the fire damage is very serious, you can use a hot kettle to scald the baby’s hand, and then the baby will eat a pain, this time, to tell the baby, the fire burn injury, than the pain of thousands of times, or even tens of thousands of times.相关的主题文章: