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12 live: the global market to start a level of alert A shares will again be the mid autumn robbery? Sohu securities       six caused by bad A shares plummeted four gold stocks can be called [market] low       received: Six bad A shares fell 1.85% after the raid the market decide on what path to follow?       News: stock index fell 2.5% intraday fall 3000 heavyweights fell       News: Vanke A, pulled up turned red pen big rush to raise lunch review: stock index Dikaidizou fell 2.07% to four negative factors caused by crash news: tourism sector contrarian active two holidays news: PPP catalyst contrarian stocks Qiangmeng grass ecological nearly 5% news: deep or seek a backdoor listing of stocks transaction price: two, tiaokongdikai stock index fell 1.34%    mechanism analysis between the global stock market [] encountered black Friday eight bad A shares of Sohu stock news. The mid autumn night, the global market volatility is back, "the calm before the storm" is over. On Friday, the North Korean nuclear test and the influence of the Fed’s dovish officials hinted hike speech, sparked unease, the European market ushered in the "black Friday", U.S. debt stocks both hit the biggest decline since the British referendum back in Europe, the fear index, said the Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index (VIX) rose 40% to 2 month high. Now the market is most concerned about is the external market panic selling will continue? David, an economist at Goldman Sachs, argues that panic selling may be just the beginning of Kostin. JP Morgan issued an early warning, the market will usher in a wave of volatility. JP Morgan, head of Kolanovic’s quantitative department, released the latest report on Marko, which is expected to show a correlation between the real market volatility and tail risk in September and in October. Normalization of monetary policy to the market interest rate systemic risk, may make the stock market in the next 3 years fell by 20%. The advent of the Mid Autumn Festival this week, the U.S. stock market crash, the market volatility in the case of the former, the mood has always been a strong hedge A shares before the market will suffer another mid autumn robbery? In fact, the United States and the United States since the stock market rose since July, the U.S. stock market has hit a record high, the crash, or means to adjust the cycle of opening. U.S. and European stock markets out of 6 older cattle in 2009, during the shock but never really substantial adjustment. There is no stock market in the world. Now the problem is that the United States and Europe stock market shock adjustment, A shares will not affect it? First, from a historical point of view, the impact of U.S. stocks on the A-share market is mainly driven by what events A. The Fed rate hike on the A shares is indeed a big uncertainty, should not be overlooked. U.S. interest rate hike is bound to have a greater impact on the RMB exchange rate, China’s central bank monetary policy,;相关的主题文章: