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18 year old girl donated corneas donated before her death: unfortunately did not allow her to go pretty – what is the child’s life at the end of the most? What can we do for our children so they can leave with warmth? According to the children’s hospice care is still in great deficiency (newspaper has done reports), perhaps each story in grief as a party parents, he is not willing to accept the fact that help a hold of every hope that even if there is no straw, in addition, do not want to talk about other. ": it’s really too late to give up. " 20 years engaged in medical work pediatrician Zhou Chen hope that parents and caregivers are able to make the whole process of medical care in advance, are happy. Never heard of hospice’s father does not want to give up any little hope on the morning of 31, 2 years and 2 months are in the provincial hospital pediatric ward, with a mask showing only a pair of big eyes, looks very quiet, look at the hanging drops to about two nurses, father. Near noon, after hanging drops a quiet state just shine, even in bed tumbled, the gap between the small body curled up into a table and a bed, and his playing mischievously. In February this year diagnosed with leukemia undergoing chemotherapy, are already at the hospital number into the number, this time from August admitted to the hospital, and is more than 2 months. Not long ago, the doctor told his parents, because his condition is complex, there is very little hope of cure. Although about 300000 has been spent huge amount of medical expenses, in the face of the doctor’s diagnosis and treatment is not optimistic about the reality, are still parents trying to catch a glimmer of hope, not willing to give up. " do not think so much, as long as there is a glimmer of hope, have thought that if the baby can cure it?. " dad Huihui Yang said. The 28 year old Yang Xinjin, and his wife married a shine, treasure, but did not expect the child repeatedly fever suffering from leukemia. Since after diagnosis, Mr. Yang quit working full-time with children auto repair. " his mother is in poor health. " Mr. Yang said that at the beginning, the whole family are accompanied by children, always looking forward to get better soon, the family will not have a source of income. " a course of eighty thousand or ninety thousand, an average of $four thousand or five thousand per month for medical expenses. " Yang admitted that borrowed friends and relatives, and indeed some weak support, but not because of the money on the reason to give up. Two months ago, his mother found a job to help people sell shoes. " (sick) so long, but also many (died), to tell the truth have this psychological preparation, but not that day, which do not want to give up. " " ", " hospice care; palliative care " and these words, Mr. Yang said, never heard of, never thought, if one day, the children really have to go, what I can do to the children? " only one idea, is to cure him, and then it is difficult to cure. " perhaps because of illness相关的主题文章: