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31 capital prices: a suite of Beijing in Chongqing Changsha seven sets of original title: 31 capital prices: 12 city average price of over 10000 a suite of Beijing for Chongqing Changsha seven sets as an administrative region’s political, economic, cultural and transportation center, the capital city of the province tend to have the best education and medical care. Public resources, in the process of urbanization accelerated, capital, population to the capital city of the city further concentrated, has become the core area of future urbanization. So what is the price of the provincial capital cities? "First Financial Daily" according to market prices China platform released in September 31 capital city (including four municipalities) statistics of residential housing prices ranking in September, found that there are 12 city average price of more than million yuan, the average price of Beijing has more than 50 thousand yuan square meters, is 7 times more than Chongqing, the Changsha. In the eastern part of the central and provincial capital prices high, while the majority of the capital of the West and northeast is still in the process of inventory, prices are relatively stable. This is also a major feature of the current round of the property market, that is, the first tier cities and second tier hot city is very hot, the majority of the three or four tier cities and weak second tier cities is still relatively dull. Hot city house prices rose too fast, has also attracted the attention of the central government, from the beginning of September 30th, all localities have introduced control measures to tighten credit limit restriction, housing prices rose too fast hot city appeared obvious cooling. It should be noted that the price and the increase in the statistics of the city’s average price within the city, in the real deal, the price and the rise of a city center city will be much higher than the statistical data. 12 city average price of the fastest rising capital of Beijing, Hefei, the average price has reached $52104 square meters, is the only one of the 31 cities in the city to break through the $50 thousand mark. It must be noted that this is just the average price statistics, the current market has long been the center of Beijing luxury, 100 thousand + everywhere. After Beijing, another super tier cities in Shanghai reached an average price of 46154 yuan square meters. Ranked third in Nanjing, the second tier provincial capital city reached an average price of $23472 square meters, more than Guangzhou and Hangzhou. The reason is because Nanjing ranked third, housing prices continued to rise since the second half of last year, this year is Suzhou, Xiamen, and Hefei and said housing prices in second tier "four tigers", while Guangzhou and Hangzhou fell far below Nanjing. In 31 City, 7 city the highest prices from developed coastal areas, in addition to Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin, Nanjing, Guangzhou three municipalities directly under the central government, Hangzhou and Fuzhou, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Zhejiang, the Fujian and southeast coastal, is just the four most developed private economy in many provinces, business groups, old people’s disposable income is relatively high. For example, the seventh highest in Fuzhou, although the outside influence is better than another in the central city of Xiamen, but as the capital of Fuzhou, in recent years the good momentum of economic development, the average price reached 18149 yuan per square meter, equivalent to Tianjin, Hangzhou. After Fuzhou, ranking eighth to tenth is the capital of the central province of Hefei,, Wuhan相关的主题文章: