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360 N4S snapdragon 512mib: thousand yuan machine equipped with 5000mAh battery Sohu   digital [digital]; graphic Sohu 360N4S recently launched a new Xiaolong version, namely from the previous MediaTek Helio X20 upgrade to Qualcomm snapdragon 625 processor. As a eight core processor, but with low power consumption and high performance, coupled with the 5000mAh large battery, which makes N4S such a thousand machines have more cost-effective.   there is no change in appearance with MediaTek N4S version Xiaolong version, is still on the integrated metal body, two parallel injection antenna. Due to the built-in high-capacity battery, so that it is relatively thick, thickness of 8.35mm, weight of 169g.   the front is still no entity key design, virtual dots as HOME key, two hidden task keys on both sides of the dots, when lit. 360N4S screen is 5.5 inches, 1080p resolution, the border is fine, the screen is still relatively high proportion.   in addition to the top of the screen and camera sensor, also more than a shallow small circle, the original of this thousand machines are also equipped with soft lights.  , while at the bottom of the phone, is completely symmetrical design, dual speaker split micro-USB interface on both sides.   although 360 phones already have dual camera products, but 360N4S still uses the Dan Houzhi camera. For a thousand machines, there is no gimmick like the use of dual rear camera, but it is a very gratifying thing. 360N4S although equipped with a 16 million pixel rear camera, camera performance and the current price level is not much difference between the mobile phone.   as a thousand machines, the 360N4S configuration is attractive enough: Xiaolong 625 processor, 4GB ram, 9V 2A support fast charging, and post fingerprint identification. In addition, the most dazzling features than the 5000mAh battery capacity. I still do not like it is too much pre installed system, but such a large battery capacity of the phone, has met the needs of some users just need to go back, even if used to make the machine, is also a good choice.相关的主题文章: