7 men and women between men and women do not touch ca1871

Between the sexes 7 taboo men don’t touch the lead: in sexual intercourse, two people together, the most important is honest, only two people really change really is the right way to get along. Between the sexes 7 taboo men don’t touch everything one liners must not say too understand, let them take a little time to chew your words, you have to guess guess hidden in the discourse meaning, then they would like to guess riddles like a heart smile will be immensely proud. In fact, most of the women shot 1 shabby are over, but they don’t care about love man. As a man, you must be psychologically prepared to know with a woman out of the street, they will spend money. Would rather not go to the senior restaurant, nor a shabby look. 2 capable women ask men posing when many men will take heart and promised to help the work, in the end is done in a complete mess, left right drag, it can’t get their understanding. You cannot know rather early in the morning, they may then declined, feel you honest, keep a good impression of you. 3 only to most men feel that as long as gentle obedience to women caring, can win their favor, in fact, this may be a very big mistake! The analysis has seen many experts in psychology, originally even the most normal women have attached male psychology, every woman wants to have a position to see, a man to do her huhuashizhe. Since they do not love, love will give all, try to think, they will be silly to attach themselves to a weak person? Treat women, they should take the initiative to the tough time, issue orders left and right; also be tough. 4 when a woman is absent and a date, a man should be really polite and attentive. If you have been too absent-minded, for her to ask and stare and do not know the topic, it is very disappointing thing for her. The next time you want to see her again, she might ask you to eat a meal of lemon, so you will often disturb the mind things temporarily let go. For example, often someone dial your mobile phone, simply turn it off, listen to a few phone calls will not die. 5 big joke with female joking of course, and the familiar joke method familiar, not familiar with another way. If it’s a bit of a joke, it will have a very good adjustment for the whole atmosphere. But after a bit of a joke, the effect will be very bad, your fate may be tragic. So, must have a sense of propriety, to observe their reaction, you should not only do not cause them dizzy with success, resentment and anger. 6 sarcastic figure never never never a woman’s weight as a topic. Even when she says she doesn’t mind her weight, she still cares. To praise a lovely woman figure bodybuilding, look, is not just a poor woman was sarcastic, she secretly injured his own little too isolated. 7 too frank treat a woman not too straightforward, because women don’t love to talk too frank, most of them love and wit,.相关的主题文章: