A man in Gansu anger burned 3 car pull trial in which case incubus

A man in Gansu anger burned 3 car pull trial "in which case" anger burned 3 car trial out "the case" because of a trivial man in retaliation for others, even the victim’s car with gasoline after fleeing. Yesterday, the reporter learns, Qingcheng County Public Security Bureau quickly cracked the "8.20" series of arson suspects in the interrogation process, again breaking "the case", while the 3 masked knife robbery with the broken. The car caught fire man anger revenge in August 20th, Qingcheng County Public Security Bureau 110 are respectively connected with the residents of the town of Qingcheng County Xuan Ma Zhang and other three people report said: the car parked the car were burned, asked to investigate. After receiving the report, the County Bureau 110 command fire brigade and the area of the early treatment of the police station. After preliminary investigation, the fire professionals that the arson suspect major, and transfer of criminal investigation department investigation. In August 20th 1 pm, investigators in Qingcheng county Zhang successfully arrested. In August 21st, Qingcheng County Public Security Bureau dispatched elite police set up a "2016.8.20" series of arson task force, efforts to strengthen the trial. In fact a lot of evidence, the suspect Moumou finally confessed the facts: August 19, 2016, the contact Liu Moumou, Zhang A, Zhang C jiaodianhuafei on the home phone, three people refused to excuse. After Moumou riding his motorcycle to Qingcheng, Ma Zhen Xuan line to Qingcheng County Street, Zhang found a photo of A and C cars parked in the street, then to Zhang A, Zhang C, Liu Moumou thoughts of revenge. Then Zhang with the car with gasoline will be Zhang A, Zhang C car after leaving the scene. In the line to the Qingcheng County Xuan Ma Zhen Jia Qiao residents, also want to retaliate liumoumou, then came to Jia Qiao Cun Liu, Liu Moumou found the house is locked, another villager Zhang B was found in the car to leave, Zhang Moumou reminiscent of B engineering do not want to use him immediately B the idea of revenge, then use the remaining gasoline will be B car after driving his motorcycle fled the scene. The trial brought "the case" 3 knife robbery solved at the same time, the police in the interrogation Moumou, he also confessed 3 other masked knife robbery case. The original Qingcheng County Public Security Bureau on August 18th at 2:36, 3:20, 4:19 on August 20th continuously received three alarm: Qingcheng City three hotel staff has reported by a strange man with a knife into the hotel bar robbery. Three after the robbery, investigators through field investigation and video surveillance, to determine the three cases for the same suspects, there are strings and investigation conditions. August 24th, according to the work of the police in accordance with the relevant evidence of the work, the success of the criminal suspect Zhang has been under criminal detention, 8.20 series arson suspect. Since then, through the development of a careful trial plan, Moumou finally confessed in detail because of the constraints on the hand, masked knife has robbed three hotels, a total of about $2000 stolen criminal facts. At present, the case is under further investigation.相关的主题文章: