A man in Linyi by the Secretary of the village identity fraud money fled after being recaptured shiyang

A man in Linyi by the Secretary of the village identity fraud money after absconding was arrested back to a village in Junan County village secretary Sohn identity under the guise of bianzhuofaer to the villagers to get money, Sohn by villagers for their trust and tested, finally discovered things fled away, did not know the net of justice has long arms. The day before, Sohn alleged contract fraud by the public security organs from the field to catch back. September 8th, Junan police in Shanghai, Jiading District Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment, arrested Sun Mougang Internet fraud contract fraud. The investigation, in 2014 December, Sun Mougang was the grandson of a village to cheat money, to own a golf car as collateral and signed the agreement to sell cars. Sun Mougang received 60 thousand yuan after the car, the car on the grounds of a temporary car and then secretly sold back. In 2015 3, April, sun mougang by village branch secretary identity, the temptation to Sohn give its leased compound for renewal cheat Sohn 110 thousand yuan in cash, forged a $100 thousand building along the street the deposit receipt is going to continue to deceive the Sohn, Sohn was soon found. See the paper can not contain the fire, in order to avoid combat, sun mougang fled in panic. At present, due to alleged contract fraud, sun mougang has been Junan County Public Security Bureau of criminal detention.相关的主题文章: