A new generation of family style design of the new generation of i30- Sohu automobile (video) e2140

The new achievements of modern family design a new generation of i30- automobile Sohu before the modern car officially released a new generation of i30 official map, new car design will launch 5 door hatchback take on an altogether new aspect, and travel version two body. I30 uses a new modern family’s new design language, with the hexagonal mesh grille, headlights modeling using LED light radical, the whole face is very impact. It is reported that the new i30 wheelbase is likely to lengthen, rear passenger legroom and trunk space is expected to further increase. In the car, a new generation of i30 interior layout is obviously the modern family style, with black trim and black gray color optional trim. The center of the new car is equipped with an independent central control LCD screen, support apple CarPlay, Android Auto car Internet connectivity. Configuration, the new car with wireless charging, active emergency braking, adaptive cruise, lane maintenance assistance, driver attention alert and blind spot monitoring and other functions. Power, a new generation of i30 will share the engine and gearbox with the new Elantra, including 1.4T 1.6L and 1.6T 2.0L gasoline diesel engine, 6 speed manual, 6 speed automatic and 7 speed dual clutch gearbox transmission system. (content from network)相关的主题文章: