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According to the development status of the baby milk powder to choose the Sohu on the market today in the face of all kinds of infant milk powder, the young mother will often shilly-shally at the time of purchase, what brand of milk is best, the most suitable for my baby? In fact, for your baby to choose the primary consideration is whether it can be suitable for different periods and different conditions of infant growth and development needs. To observe whether the infant formula is suitable for your baby, you can judge the degree of digestion and absorption of the milk and the living conditions of the infant. A baby is easy to digest the absorption of milk powder, after the baby to eat, there will be the following: 1, the number of defecation 2-4 times a day, stool texture is more soft, similar to breastfeeding children defecate. Some babies defecate frequency can reach 6 times a day, or even 8 times, as long as the character formation, also is normal. 2, weight gain ideal 3, sleep peace of 4, good appetite. On the contrary, some milk powder is not easy to digest, after the baby to eat, there will be the following: 1, 2, and less gum more stool dry 3, 4, 5 tone heavier abdominal pain, irritability, emotional instability, poor appetite, 6 poor sleep 7. According to the different stages and different conditions, we put forward the following suggestions for parents to buy milk powder as a reference. One of the infants 0-6 months, should choose the formula closest to the composition of breast milk for 0 ~ 6 months infants, because their pharyngeal reflex is not perfect, the amylase is less, bile is less, so, in addition to breast milk, is the most ideal food does not contain starch, protein amount (protein content is not too much conducive to digestion, but also increase the burden on the kidneys, may also lead to allergies), with easy digestion and absorption of fat infant formula. You should choose the infant formula milk powder on the packaging marked "0 to 6 months of baby" or "newborn baby" or "phase I". In the first phase of the baby milk powder brand, you should carefully read the ingredients on the package, you should choose the most close to breast milk ingredients that baby formula. Specifically, each 100 ml of milk: calories close to 66.7Kcal; 1.5 grams of protein (milk protein content is too high, about 2 times more than breast milk); whey protein 60%; 40% casein (casein is too high, easily lead to infant digestive malabsorption); 3.7 grams of fat; linoleic acid and linolenic acid (ratio of 10:1 the proportion is more suitable for the brain development of infants); 6.9 grams carbohydrates; 0.3 grams of minerals (minerals too will damage the baby’s tender kidney); calcium and phosphorus ratio in 1.5:1 ~ 1.8:1 is appropriate. Two, for 6 ~ 12 months infants, should provide enough protein, minerals and energy, to ensure that the baby growth nutrients needed for growth in this period to baby organ function ability, the newborn baby enhanced a lot, the required heat energy and other nutrients are also more than the newborn infant. So, you should choose to mark "apply to 6.相关的主题文章: