Addict Township Road Racing police lead Duandiao poison nest midd-885

Addict Township Road Racing police lead Duandiao poison nest Chinese daily news (reporter Song Bingqin correspondent Sun Li Yuan Xianjun) Fengxiang County, a drug addicts taking drugs after the spirit of excitement, many times to practice driving in rural road racing. The day before, Fengxiang County Public Security Bureau police according to the clues along the line tracking, successfully destroyed a drug gangs and arrested 6 drug traffickers, seized nearly 80 grams of methamphetamine. At the beginning of October, the police station got a clue and the masses Chen Cun, Fengxiang County Public Security Bureau said recently when talking to someone several times in the surrounding country road racing to practice driving, speed fast, sometimes like to fly faster. According to the police vehicle models, the masses to provide travel route information immediately check, master a male emancipists. The man surnamed white, a native of Fengxiang, commute between Xi’an and Baoji, in the home often unidentified people out, deeds are very secretive, major criminal suspects. The police comprehensive fragmentation information scattered, and on a family situation, daily communication, economic sources, focus on activities of the track verification, mastered the to open mahjong as a cover, in the facts of the crime of illegal drug activities. The morning of October 17th, according to the police to control the white one to go out to buy drugs return information, police deployed in the white one pick up back on the road waiting for the implementation of the arrest card. The same day, when a white card when driving through suspicious, driving "drift" after attempting to escape washed off. Police set up card quickly surrounded by the front and rear of the vehicle blocked their escape route, the success of a white 4 people arrested, the scene seized 78.53 grams of methamphetamine, a drug tools. After examination confirmed that the white one after release, there is no source of livelihood, the initiation of drug trafficking through the previous ideas, then serving personnel, and Xi’an line contact, after many times from Xi’an to buy methamphetamine, mahjong at home to do the cover, methamphetamine trafficking. According to the police investigation information, along the lines of the white one done in one vigorous effort, the 2 line captured, cut off a drug trafficking channel in Fengxiang to Xi’an. Editor: Qu, SN117相关的主题文章: