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After the hand of a iPad, we really improve the efficiency of learning it? Sohu technology will be introduced into the classroom iPad, has long been part of the country in the school quietly become a trend. Recently, some schools in Shenzhen and Futian District Guangming New District once again expanded the scope of application of iPad, this approach is exactly the same with the United states. In the United States, students can use iPad to customize their own courses at home, so tailored. In China, with the continuous penetration of the Internet on education, strong and online education has set off a whole reform of the education sector. A red tide, the blue sky of online education in the end? After the hand of a iPad, we really improve the efficiency of learning it? Recently, the Internet Education Brand Wisdom Education announced that it will be held in November 8th, education, ecology, evolution as the theme of the strategic conference. As we all know, under the leadership of CEO Wei Xiaoliang with a technical background, the wisdom of education has been renowned for its unique technical concept in the field of online education. So this time, the wisdom of education and whether the online education market will inject new technology genes? At the beginning of constant heart teaching has not changed, do not let the form of chaos with the popularity of computer, multimedia, presbyopia iPad teaching tools and new forms of teaching, on the one hand, greatly enrich the teaching methods and content, so that the traditional classroom becomes more interesting. On the other hand, with the tendency of this tool in education is becoming more and more intense, a wide variety of tools began to let people indulge in entertainment, classroom atmosphere more fun and less awe. In fact, whether e-books or multimedia or not, we must clearly recognize that: innovation teaching tool is that through improvement of traditional education, teaching better, and online education is not simply the contents of the line of the wholly intact move to go online. In this regard, intellectual education chief content officer Zhai less that a qualified internet education content producers, must be "neiwaijianxiu". In the internal strength, by online learners attention easy to disperse, in addition to the conventional knowledge output, the teacher also must have ability of particle content, segmentation knowledge to attract the attention of students; in the online education, by teachers and students lack of communication environment influence on Teachers "some performances request". At the same time, Zhai also less to his many years of teaching experience as an example, that the electronic equipment is a professional tool for Internet education content producers, the teacher must teach the terminal plate, so that the teacher can easily do mark, including some writing on the blackboard. If education is a compass, then the student is the center of a circle, each a perfect circle must be around a constant circle. Whether online or offline education, education around the heart of the students has never changed, the core or content, adhere to the content is king is also different from other Internet Education unique wisdom education. When the Internet meets education, love or kill? From the 2015 online education boom to the capital of the cold winter in 2016, the debate about online education and traditional education has never stopped. As is known to all!相关的主题文章: