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What the experts frequent summer and alternate allergy conditioning expert Zhang Limei more than and 90 year old parents to maintain the skin   recently to Zhejiang University School of medicine, Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital, Zhongshan Provincial Hospital Department of dermatology to see allergies, dry or summer sunburn unhealed patients more. Department of Dermatology Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital chief physician Ye Jun said, the 25 day he visits a number of experts, there are at least 10 is skin allergy. There is a 40 year old woman, was originally sensitive skin, a few days ago to the seaside to play for a few days, thought that the sun is not so strong now, the results returned after the whole face red and swollen, but also a rash." Ye Jun: this season the skin to meticulous care physician Ye Jun said, summer and autumn seasons, itching, prone to face desquamation, rash. After the intense ultraviolet radiation in summer, the skin epidermal cells will be damaged. Barrier structure sebum membrane is damaged, the skin is easy to lose moisture, become dry, external allergens, bacteria and irritants are also vulnerable to invasion. Therefore, in the fall, the need for careful care of the skin to repair skin damage." For example, the use of cleaning products should pay special attention to the use of moderate products. The doctor suggested that leaf, with Cleansing Cream, first hit the bubble in the hand, then apply to the face, do not directly apply to face rub. If you use soap free cleanser is better. Leaves the doctor said that this period of time, you can use some containing hyaluronic acid or collagen mask to repair skin. Both of these have the role of replenishment, repair skin barrier, the recent period of time, you can use two times a week. However, do not covet cheap or fresh, from non formal channels to buy without security certification mask. To avoid spicy, high oil and other hot foods, eat more fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water. Spicy skin irritation, easily lead to dry skin. High fat foods can easily lead to the skin out of oil, which will stimulate the skin to produce fatty acids inflammation. Zhang Limei: pear + tomato + celery juice drink of Zhejiang Chinese Medicine Museum (Zhongshan province hospital Qingchun Road School District) director of Chinese medicine Professor Zhang Limei believes that the maintenance of the skin from the inside out, in the environment of good conditioning, the skin will naturally look healthy. From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, lung main fur. The lung as we shower shower used as the absorption of nutrients in the body and to the body skin and muscle. So the autumn dryness, the skin gloss degree will be affected. From the diet, we eat some Ziyin Runfei food that is good for the skin." Pear + tomato + celery juice daily drinking. Professor Zhang said, pear dry, is the autumn season fruit; tomatoes are rich in a lot of vitamin A, C, has the function of maintaining skin cells, prevent pigmentation; celery has Qingrejiedu effect. A pear, a tomato and celery celery together with the amount of stem, with the juicer, daily drinking, not only good, but also to lung heat, easy to Zhangdou skin out of the oil is very useful. However, easy to diarrhea, stomach cold people do not recommend drinking. Western.相关的主题文章: