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As long as the size of the flat panel TV, can achieve full coverage of wireless charging plate family – a technology Sohu TV size, can be any electronic equipment of wireless charging in the room, as long as there is no obstacle between the plate and equipment? This can have! In October 23, 2016, the preprint website, University of Washington, the Duke University and Intellectual Ventures of the company’s innovative science foundation scientists have published a paper that they had in principle fully proves the feasibility of wireless charger plate, the rest of the work is to design a set of specific practical solution. Matt, associate professor of electrical engineering at Northwestern University, · (Matt Reynolds) said that in the future people will charge more and more equipment, and the serious limitations of wired charging equipment mobility. The method proposed by the research team based on LCD technology, can be a variety of smart devices for wireless charging. Schematic diagram of wireless charging system for flat Fresnel principle placed in the living room. Source: Duke University wireless charging equipment must be able to target equipment to provide a strong enough microwave charging, but also to avoid people, pets and other objects exposed to too strong microwave energy. For a long time, the problem has hindered the practical use of wireless charging. The team plans to use a new type of synthetic material to enhance the power and range of microwave charging, while ensuring the safety of personnel. The existing wireless charging system, whether it is for a microphone, mobile phone or tablet computer, one of the biggest problems — by charging equipment can only be placed in the wireless charger nearby. Is that the working principle of this kind of wireless charger, the charging mode is similar to the electromagnetic oven is near resonant magnetic field to implement — equipment and chargers are equipped with coil coil based on the charger in current generates a magnetic field, and magnetic field generated by electric current in the coil in the charging equipment. This charging method has one of the biggest benefits, that is, a high degree of human security, which is also an important reason that it can soon be put into use. However, resonant magnetic near-field technique has a fatal weakness, that is too close to the working poor, the reason lies in the coupling coil and coil – charger device is charging efficiency — decays faster. The new wireless charging method works in the microwave band, so the operating distance can cover the whole room. In order to achieve wireless charging efficiency can be accepted, the new system works in Fresnel zone (Fresnel zone). The Fresnel zone is decided by the antenna parameters space area, the area, the electromagnetic field is focused, in order to ensure the energy density is high enough for efficient charging equipment. The first author, Duke University Department of electronic and computer engineering director David · Smith (David Smith) professor said that their new technology is similar to the lens, by adjusting the system parameters, the microwave energy charger can focus on any position in the room, to set up相关的主题文章: