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The thirteenth China (Tongling) Bronze Culture Expo held the opening ceremony of   Mr Li Meng – Anhui Channel – people.com.cn original title: the thirteenth session of Chinese (Tongling) Bronze Culture Expo held the opening ceremony of the Tongling news network news, October autumn, picturesque. On the afternoon of October 12th, the opening ceremony of the thirteenth China (Tongling) bronze culture fair was held at the city sports center. Wang Cuifeng, deputy director of the provincial people’s Congress announced the opening of the expo. Li Meng, Party Secretary of Tongling, honorary citizens of the United States, Chinese American woman, Ms. Sheldon, respectively, speech. Municipal Committee, mayor Ni Yuping presided over the opening ceremony. Provincial deputy secretary Che Jianjun, Deputy Minister of United Front Work Department, the Provincial Institute of socialism party secretary Chen Changhu, director of the Provincial Tourism Bureau Wan Yixue, deputy director of the Provincial Department of culture Ding Guangqing, deputy director of CCPIT Xu Jundong; city leaders Chen Liangping, Gu Yawei, Zhang Mengsheng, Zou He, Cheng Sheng, Jiujiang Shuanglin, Liu Yadong, Wu Jin, Chang Hong Mei attended the opening type. Li Meng on behalf of the municipal government to attend the thirteenth session of China (Tongling) leaders and guests of Bronze Culture Expo welcome, thanks to all the care, support and participate in economic and social development of Tongling friends. He said, Tongling, due to copper and copper, bronze, Xing, is China contemporary copper base. Today in Tongling, showing the transformation and upgrading of quality and efficiency, to catch up with the good momentum across the copper economy has become the city’s most distinctive base, copper culture has become the core element of city culture; today the people of Tongling, in the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech series under the guidance, in accordance with the deployment of the tenth Party Congress the striding towards the construction of the international copper, to create "forward four rich city, building a happy beautiful new Tongling goal. Li Meng pointed out that the copper copper dream, sonorous rhyme. In Tongling, "copper" is not only a rich history and a colorful culture, it is the foundation, accelerate the development of the rise of hope. Tongling people have been to promote the copper culture, the expansion of the economic responsibility of copper. The exposition to new ideas, new Tongling, a new leap forward "as the theme, to" promote the culture and growth of copper copper industry "as the main line, hold the copper based new materials industry development forum, bronze culture forum, tourism product promotion, investment and trade fair and other activities. This is not only on the copper brand culture inheritance and continuity, but also a new starting point for the new Tongling to the world, believe that the Expo will certainly be fruitful. Li Meng stressed that emancipating the mind, reform and innovation is the quality of Tongling City, environmental legislation, hard work Xing City is copper era forte. I sincerely hope that we can provide valuable suggestions for the development of Tongling, and sincerely welcome more friends to visit and invest in copper, and work together to create a better future. Lili? Sheldon said, as an honorary citizen of Tongling City, Tongling City, and is honored to have friends from all walks of life to participate in this event, to celebrate the 60 anniversary of the city of Tongling, also congratulations on the thirteenth China (Tongling) Bronze Culture Expo a complete success. She said that China (Tongling) Bronze Culture Expo Yang bronze sound, set the soul of culture, a strong impetus to the exchange of Tongling and overseas friends, and constantly write a Chinese bronze相关的主题文章: