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Banks sell insurance financial disputes how the rights of financial manager of the obligation not to inform Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Securities Times reporter Sun Xianchao affected by the interest rate down, asset shortage and a series of adverse factors, yields continued to fall. According to the Securities Times reporter, at present, the annual rate of return of domestic commercial banks, the vast majority of financial products are down to 4% or less, the annual yield of about 3.8% of the most common. In financial products yield break 4 in the background, the banks to sell insurance financial products revenue rate is still strong, the number of expected return rate can reach 4.5%, 4.7% of the more numerous, 5 years of insurance and financial products which can reach 5.8% years level. A single rate of return, the insurance financial products is undoubtedly more attractive, many commercial bank managers are very keen to sell such products to customers, and the general financial product or as a kind of deposit products recommended. It is worth noting that, in recent years, the bank to buy insurance products to sell the bank’s financial products disputes arise frequently, the main reason for a lot of disputes is the bank’s financial manager did not make the necessary obligation to report. So, once a dispute, how should adults, who find adults? Banks keen to sell insurance financial management 67 year old aunt living in Jilin City, Changchun Province Economic and Technological Development zone. These years, in addition to their spare cash to buy some bonds, most of the remaining funds are used to purchase financial products. "The risk of the stock and futures is too big, I don’t know the investment principle. To be on the safe side, more inclined to buy financial products." Aunt told the Securities Times reporter, after all, the yield of financial products to be higher than bank deposits, but the security is not bad. Through the purchase of financial products, our aunt also tried to find out some experience: the purchase of financial products to go a few banks, compare the rate of return to the same period of financial products, to ask the direction of investment in financial products…… At the end of August this year, our aunt hands of a bank financial products expire. As early as the beginning of the August, our aunt had received several commercial banks sending mobile phone text messages, message content without exception, are recommended for insurance financial products to her. It is strange that the bank does not recommend their own financial products, but the insurance company recommended products." Secretary aunt said. At the beginning of September, our aunt went to live near the commercial bank, to understand financial products is issued, but found that the bank’s financial products annualized rate of return has collective break 4". At this time last year, the yield of financial products or about 4.7%, about 4.8% of the level, and now basically fell to around the level of 3.8%, so the yield is simply too low." Secretary aunt said. At the same time, the Department of aunt found in several commercial banks, whenever they complain about the banking theory相关的主题文章: