Beaver home massage users caused corneal burns actually pay only 100 yuan coupons actv

Beaver home massage users caused corneal burns actually pay only 100 yuan coupons Phoenix Francisco November 24th message, micro-blog users @ Li Lan – two micro-blog published a long article, saying that in the home to do beauty lead to corneal burns beaver, a beaver family refused to take more responsibility for, to Beaver family court. According to the user’s self introduction, which is the line education platform Lele classroom vice president Li Lan. Micro-blog in October 31st through a screenshot, micro-blog Li Lan in the description of the whole process: October 22nd afternoon, Li Lan through app beaver reservation beautician door-to-door service, massage process accidentally drops into the eyes of some cosmetic liquid, the eye pain, blurred vision and so on, the hospital diagnosed as corneal burn. Later, Li Lancheng and Beaver customer service conducted a number of repeated communication, but the other said, beauty is open process customer’s own responsibility, has nothing to do with the beaver, and said the final discussion results for the company a full refund of fees and compensation of 100 yuan beauty beauty coupons. Feel very unhappy about this response to Li Lan, a lawyer for litigation and claims, including medical care, lost income, mental loss compensation etc.. In today’s micro-blog, Li Lan reiterated the need to fight the decision and the beaver family, and said "the world although there are many unreasonable places, but there are always some stubborn people to adhere to, in order to improve." "If this stubborn, can have some little effect: for example, all sorts of bad phenomena of home service industry has prompted warnings, such as beaver such strong marketing company can ease down good service control, for example, and I like to remind consumers to obtain evidence to protect their own interests in the first time." Today, more and more people come to the service to provide more convenient, but in the legal regulation is in a gray area, there is not a series of guidance services and industry standards to guide the constraints. The attribute of the platform itself is difficult to judge that it is intermediary, it is only a virtual platform; it is the Internet, it really provide services under the line, should assume what responsibility, who regulation is not conclusive. According to Li Lan’s statement, her lawyer said that even if the lawsuit, but also to prepare for losing. Li Lan got home by a beaver beautician’s name card only stage name, do not know the true identity of the beautician, beauticians also denied beauty drops into the eyes. The beaver family said, "he is not their only employee beautician, cooperation, so things can only do humanitarian sympathy and customer care, is not directly responsible for the relationship."相关的主题文章: