Because of the love of incest refused to the head of state was the son of a sinister plot was dug ey rainism

Because of the love of incest refused to the head of state was the son of poison eyes gouged out prince was set up anti comfortable. (source: information) in the past, after the death of the Buddha, in India there was a king named Wusijia, the king was a devout Buddhist, kind-hearted, with benevolence to the people. He has a son, the child’s eyes are very beautiful, comparable to a few eyes India bird — in that bird. Because the king is love this bird, is a "right to arrest" as a son named. The prince grew up, was handsome and highly esteemed, and Jianmei star eyes, well behaved, very good. The king began to find the object for the prince, one day he took the prince to the temple to Buddha, and please respect the elders Yase discovery. The venerable man looks at the young prince and says, "life is impermanent, and the body is born, old, sick, dead, and all sorts of things are not clean These are unreal, like the prince of the eye, although it looks beautiful, in fact, is the most dirty filth, the source of disaster." He said this, the prince wondered: everyone praise my eyes are beautiful, why you say that it is the filth impurities, destructive source? These words continue to hover in the prince’s mind. The king’s palace there are many concubines, which has a very young concubines are attracted to the prince’s instrument, to the heart of Wang Zizao. One day, she saw the prince alone on the way, to the prince of love. The prince is correct, how can make the thing of incest? He was on his guard against her entanglement. Later, the prince married the young concubines to see the dream lover to marry someone else, not envy, love to hate. The prince shortly after the marriage, the king’s sudden illness, the concubines took care of the king, until the king recovered. The king of gratitude for her for a long time to take care of, so I asked her: "you take care of me so long, what the wishes of heart, I give up." She said: "I only took over the government on seven." The king thought: no joke, since I promised her earlier, how can go back? Moreover, only seven days, is not what, then promised.   after this PinFei ascends the throne, wrote a letter to hate the secret letter, sent to the prince. The prince to dig eyes — don’t let her see his eyes, only in this way, we can eliminate her resentment. The prince had read the letter, he finally understand the intention of Yase discovery. But everything seems to have been too late, now it concubines as the king’s orders, is cannot defy. You have to dig a prince’s eyes, his eyes on the palm and see light suddenly: "originally it so fishy, why not clean things, get lots of praise, but also attracted the storm?" He thought: if you want my eyes, dig it all up! After his eyes were dug out, his eyes were dark, but his heart suddenly a bright, cool body and mind, and that the security is already on the floor. The princess heard the briefing, came to see the prince had lost her tears, heartache thorough marrow. But the prince is very comfortable, but to comfort her, even to the princess, he said: "the impermanence of life, do not complain do not hate, not too sad, sad is because of hatred.相关的主题文章: