Boshijijin Chen Kaiyang the long end of the interest rate significantly than credit debt advantage 7470d

Boshijijin Chen Kaiyang: the long end of the interest rate compared to credit debt fund advantages Sina exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The newspaper reporter intern reporter Jiang Qinshi Chen Kai Yang Bo, fixed income star fund manager, the current cash management investment management group director, a peace of mind when Bo revenue, increased profits year after year, double salary, monthly salary, cash and other pure debt funds and money funds. Because of its large number of management products, the scale of more than one hundred billion, and eye-catching performance, this year by the industry and investors of great concern. "Like the sports field, the bond market is fair to everyone. To maintain the performance of the former, there is a certain talent is a necessary condition, but it is more important than the vast majority of people to pay more effort and higher concentration, always do not forget the beginning of the heart, to create value for investors. As a fund manager, to get market validation and customer recognition, is the highest embodiment of personal value." Chen Kaiyang said. Bond investment in the international financial system like mountaineering in 2003 after graduating from the Fudan University, Chen Kaiyang joined the Shenzhen Development Bank, honed for many years in the bond traders post, is the first batch of bond market practitioners. Like many senior bond investment experts in the industry, starting in bond trading, the bond market to maintain a high sensitivity. In the early years, the experience of bank bonds also laid a solid understanding of the bond market and the ability to grasp the macro trend from top to bottom. In 2009, Chen Kai Yang Zaibo completed the transformation from bond traders to the investment manager, in turn served as a fixed income researcher, specific asset investment manager and bond fund manager, and served as a public fund manager in 2012, Chen Kai Yang’s every step is very solid. Chen Kaiyang said: "the bond investment like mountaineering, perseverance, fortitude, stability and take every step; treat the management of the fund to be like their children to stay up late to work overtime, do research, is to make the management of fund performance" thrive "." He admits that, at Shao Kai the vice president of the company, and gradually formed its own investment style, from the beginning of safety cushion construction, attaches great importance to the combination of the static yield, to adjust the lever to get more excess return, will be the concept of absolute returns into the heart, the spirit of responsible for every customer’s attitude, not forget the beginning of the heart, try to excavate more investment value in the market. Diligence and team to ensure performance since the beginning of 2012, boshijijin captures the rising bond market demand of the market in a timely manner, ahead of the layout of fixed open pure debt products. Now, Chen Kai Yang managed a total of 34 bond funds. The Milky Way data show, founded in 2013, Bo double salary, monthly salary is the most outstanding performance, as of August 12th, the two ace set to open debt yields this year were 6.63%, 5.07%, since the founding of the total yields were 44.60%, 43.40%, last year ranked with the Milky Way swept the first runner up, and double Bo over the past two years on a monthly salary相关的主题文章: