Bought half of the British Li Jiacheng came back with a shot is HK $1 billion 900 million cosmax

Li Jiacheng bought half of the UK and came back with a shot is HK $1 billion 900 million to buy half of the United Kingdom, the return of China to the Li Jiacheng! A shot is HK $1 billion 900 million Hongkong lands in September 14th released the news that Li Jiacheng of the Cheung Kong real estate subsidiary Yu Hui Investment Co., beat 17 to 1 billion 953 million Hong Kong dollar consortium won the Sha Tin nine belly plots, significantly higher than the market valuation of 1 billion 220 million to HK $1 billion 460 million. Over the past few years, Li Jiacheng has been selling property in Hongkong and Mainland China, and has invested hundreds of billions of dollars in Europe, especially in britain. Now Li Jiacheng is back, it means that the weak property market in Hongkong has been to the Chinese bargain hunting opportunity? After a lapse of 4 years, Li Jiacheng in Hongkong to take reporters noted that with the highest floor area calculation, the land investment Yu Hui scored per square foot of floor price of approximately HK $8001, the price is higher than the market expected limit of 33%, which is long 4 years apart again successfully competing residential land. Sha Tin Town Lot No. 614th of the land area of about 6299 square meters, designated for private residential use. The lowest and highest floor area of 13606 square meters and a total of 22676 square meters. In September 15th, after the announcement, Cheung Kong real estate Hongkong stock exchange shares rose 2.34%, up close, all day long or 1.35%. The news that Li Jiacheng bought the land in Hongkong was remarkable because it was the first time since 2012 that had bought land in Hongkong. According to the Hongkong land and resources administration statistics, in 2011, Li Jiacheng bought 37% of the government to sell the land, in 2012 photographed a total of 6%. A long time competing government land, is the end of 2012, to more than HK $2 billion 900 million per square foot of floor price of HK $5160 for Ma’anshan white sand land Shicai street. But since then, from the Hongkong real estate market "retreat". – 2011~2016 years, Li Jiacheng bought in Hongkong (Orange: Cheung Kong; blue: other developers. Source: Hongkong Department of land: Source: Peng Bo) return to, the Hongkong real estate market is an inspiration. With the decline in housing prices in Hongkong, sales slowed, many large developers do not want to shoot a high price. However, in addition to Li Jiacheng, in the last month, Hongkong’s largest Real Estate Company SHKP at HK $2 billion 400 million to take another land in Sha tin. This is after June 2015, Sun Hung Kai first piece of residential land auction in Hongkong. Missed a rally, hunters come back now? Analysts believe that Li Jiacheng get high or with the current Hongkong property market rebound. According to Midland property data show that from August last year, the Hongkong property market began to appear downward trend, to this year the average price of the construction area of 8740 yuan in August from last year’s HK $7665 fell to HK $. However, in August this year, Hongkong, the average price of the construction area of the average price has risen to HK $7939. According to the Central Plains real estate statistics, Hongkong real estate prices in September last year, the highest point between this year in March, down 13%. theory相关的主题文章: