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Carragher Ibrahimovic half career worst face! God tower – winning sports Sohu assists   Carragher Ibrahimovic half career worst was hit in the face of October 27th Beijing time, according to the "net" message, see Ibrahimovic in the first half Luluwuwei against Manchester City, Carragher has criticized the Swedish people, that Ibrahimovic played the first half occupation career worst, but God tower in Sweden the second half for Mata out assists, which makes Carragher rendered speechless. Manchester City before, Ibrahimovic did not score in 5 consecutive games, suffered a 498 minute goal drought, in fact, there are several British media questioned Ibrahimovic, even a reporter suggested Mourinho replaced him with Ford or Marshall rush. Manchester City in the game, Ibrahimovic in the first half of the play is really not a threat to the blue moon defense. See Ibrahimovic after the downturn, Carragher criticized the Iraqi sermons in "Sky Sports" in the program: "in my opinion, the first half of the game, Ibrahimovic is perhaps the worst occupation career in 45 minutes, he felt nervous because the opponent is manchester. In the past few weeks, Mourinho’s team has suffered a number of failures, but we need to be clear that we are talking about a season to score 50 goals striker." Carragher did not think so, Ibrahimovic completely broke out in the second half, he also broke the defense in the area of Otamendi wife Matta score. At the sight of Ibrahimovic to help Manchester United after the win, Carragher have nothing to say, obviously, this time the Liverpool legend underestimated Sweden God tower. (Black Mamba)相关的主题文章: