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Chengdu Golden Eagle reintroduction of wild animal large-scale hovering near 1 hours flying (map) two months ago, perhaps in the migration way hurt, a first grade state protected wild animal, "Raptor" king of the golden eagle is Chengdu people rescued, sent to the Chengdu city zoo sanatorium. In November 4th, the Golden Eagle and other more than 100 birds, in Chongzhou (micro-blog) anzihe nature reserve is to return to the road back to the wild, migration. Chengdu this year as the largest reintroduction activities, the reintroduction of activities, in addition to golden eagles, and the second class of the national protected wild animal owl (collared scops OWL) 1, the hawks (Buteo Buteo) 1, red bellied Eagle 1; the state protects the three wild animal magpie 18, Leiothrix 10 only, b.thoracica 2, 2, 1 Melogale porcupine 2 chickens, Blackwater, artificial breeding rejuvenation in wild populations of Chrysolophus pictus 6 (3 pairs), syrmaticusreevesii 4 (2 pairs), and green head recent forest police Danghuo birds, water birds, birds such as white eye 50 only. The mighty Golden Eagle zoo sanatorium near February hovering near 1 hours flying out of amber eyes, sharp beak, wings up to about 2 meters, and between the king of gas filling. But two months ago, the majestic-looking golden eagles, but because the right foot was injured by the public to the Chengdu city zoo. "This time is just the migratory season, this eagle is likely to be on the move hurt." President of the Chengdu Bird Watching Society Shen You, the eagles often live in grassland, desert, forest and alpine valley region, every autumn, they will migrate to low altitude plain and hilly area, next spring to return home. Like the giant panda, golden eagle is a national key protected animal. The wounded eagle, at the Chengdu zoo, spent nearly 2 months of convalescence, injury convalescence. Chengdu City Forestry Department on it were examined and assessed, decided it will be released into nature. On the morning of 4, Chongzhou city anzihe nature reserve peony ditch protection station, open the cage, it was a bit hesitant to walk out, some have wings, hurriedly ran forward a few steps. Then he stopped his head and looked around. "It takes time to get used to it." Gu Yang, deputy director of the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of forestry wildlife protection, said, two months did not fly, certainly a bit unaccustomed." Beautiful scenery, sunny weather. The lost Golden Eagle hovering on the ground for nearly an hour did not fly away. Is not adapted to the environment? Or the body has not yet recovered? Everyone is worried about speculation, an accident happened. The moment turned toward the red bellied Eagle hunting porcupine thorn in birds, the Golden Eagle at the top of the food chain. In November 4th the reintroduction of the animal, in addition to golden eagles, and owls, red bellied eagles, magpies, porcupine, golden pheasant etc.. Get free after the golden eagle, did not leave immediately, but in the reintroduction of a live demonstration of a nature of the food chain rule. I saw it on the ground circling around, suddenly aimed at a just released from the cage of the red bellied eagle wings fan, gently, on a slide, then the right claw rapidly before caught between – just 3 seconds, before the soundless and stirless, out of the red bellied Eagle have become a golden capsule the contents of. "Although it seems cruel, but nature is so." Valley sun相关的主题文章: