Chengdu three round is expected to start building a comprehensive 5 hour run link (map) (video) sichen

Chengdu "three round" is expected to start building a comprehensive 5 hour run ring (Figure) drawing Yang Shicheng East and west part of the 27 exchange point announced, look at where three more convenient around September 19th, the Chengdu Economic Zone (also known as Chengdu three high-speed ring road around the East (Deyang) (micro-blog) to Jianyang (micro-blog) (Dujiangyan), West (micro-blog) to Pujiang (micro-blog)) two officially started, along will set up 27 exchange, let you travel more convenient. The same day, Chengdu in three around Dujiangyan bridge construction site, the province’s highway project held began to focus on mobilization, including Chengdu three around the East and west part, there are 9 highway projects, the total mileage of 1164 kilometers, a total investment of 168 billion 800 million yuan. Chengdu three round is divided into four sections, three around the South (Jianyang – Pujiang) has opened to the segment can be expected by the end of Jianyang run; West (Pujiang to Dujiangyan) (101 km), East (Deyang to Jianyang) (105 km) two project started yesterday, the North (Dujiangyan Zhi Deyang) started at the end of. So far, Chengdu three round this year to start building a comprehensive. Chengdu three round of construction will further improve the Chengdu plain urban agglomeration intercity transportation network, help the development of Chengdu economic zone. Planning Chengdu three around 5 hours to finish the link ring Chengdu Economic Zone expressway, Chengdu people called "Chengdu three round", all divided into Pujiang – Dujiangyan, Dujiangyan – Deyang, Deyang – Jianyang, Jianyang – Pujiang and other southeast northwest four sections, a total length of 430 kilometers, the whole series of Chengdu economic zone. According to the plan, three in Pujiang and around the main exit into the high speed highway (micro-blog), in a clockwise direction around, via Pujiang, Qionglai (micro-blog), Dayi (micro-blog), Chongzhou (micro-blog), Dujiangyan, Pengzhou (micro-blog), Shifang (micro-blog), Mianzhu (micro-blog), Jingyang District, Zhongjiang, Deyang Jintang (micro-blog), Jianyang, Pengshan, the 14 district (city) County, close to the starting point. Three around the whole line for two-way six lanes, design speed of 120 km, is expected to open to traffic by the end of 2020, running the whole process, only less than 5 hours. Previously, Chengdu two round strengthened Pixian (micro-blog), WeChat) Wenjiang, Longquan City, two layers of Chengdu area contact. In Chengdu city and around two after the opening, a large number of transit vehicles in Chengdu, directly through the two round of freeway conversion, but also reduce the traffic pressure in the city of Chengdu. Expert analysis, Chengdu not only around the three series from the Chengdu many three circle area counties, Deyang, Meishan will be more (micro-blog), Ziyang (micro-blog) and other surrounding cities into the ring, has a great benefit for the overall development of Chengdu economic zone. The schedule will start the year at North South during the opening of the official start in the East and West in two, three in Chengdu around the North (Dujiangyan to Deyang) a total length of 109 kilometers, plans to invest 15 billion 900 million yuan. It is not only an integral part of the Chengdu three, but also G4217 line Chengdu to Changdu highway contact line. Three around the north for the Department of transportation to the first PPP pilot project, is the first Sichuan Expressway PPP project. According to the Sichuan Provincial Communications Department revealed that the segment is expected to start construction this year. In September 19th, the West China Metropolis Daily reported from the nineteen Bureau of China Railway Group Jane Pu company as a group of four workers相关的主题文章: