China made war miracle armored storm behind the research and development roxane hayward

China made war miracle "armored storm" research behind the air network first space linkage competitive games "armored storm", the glory of the new September 14th online battle broke out, the three carrier camp you war. This completely by the domestic team to create war epic "armor storm", after 5 years finally came to today. Before the "reverse war" team "Cobra" studio in order to give the game player China bring a out of the ordinary war game, but also to his dream of the game, whether in the development of the scenes, what is hard to pay? Today, we look at the data behind the research and development, to see how they create this war masterpiece. From the three person team to a team of hundreds of people in order to fans of the dream of the end of 2011, before the "reverse war" core members of the team had to do a modern war themed game idea, similar to the "world of tanks" carrier battle mode, but also the difference. Initially only three people, the leader is Xia Penghao, worked in the U.S. EA, participated in the "battlefield 2" and other international 3A for development, "the war against the" main producer, senior game designer Yuejun Zhang; overseas Chinese, games big coffee had "half life" project experience; Lai Zhicheng, participation war machine 3, global mission, the sword of the spirit, TERA and other famous masterpiece, but also the "reverse war" art production. Earlier only by virtue of less than 10 people made efforts to play the game DEMO, and then gradually developed to nearly a hundred teams. Team members are fans, including more than 90% of the members have more than 7 years of industry experience, including returnees, large companies with international experience and game service award at the international art contest in the top game industry elite. Armored storm planning team is working until today, armored storm has nearly a hundred R & D team, coupled with a strong network of partners to join the air force, the entire team of about more than and 120 people. From the 3 team to a hundred people team, is to build the dream of the Chinese military fans cohesion game. The five camps hundreds of vehicles fully equipped for the modern battlefield armored "storm" is such a game, the core is the vehicle. From the beginning of the game development, the planning of the five camps – the Soviet Union, Germany, the United States, China, israel. After the gradual change of the version, the type of vehicle is also extended from the ground vehicle to the armed helicopter, and then the more abundant ground vehicle is added, thus forming the six kinds of vehicle types with unique characteristics. Hundreds of modern vehicles fully equipped for but from the end of World War II, the world is in a relatively peaceful situation, different from the World War II tanks war, whether there is a sufficient number of vehicles can carry a large game tree? After careful study of the planning team after the Second World War to the present state of the development of tank armor, the answer is yes, and enough. At present, there have been more than 120 kinds of vehicle model has been completed, and further planning future versions. It is believed that in the near future, the number of modern vehicles in armored warfare will be enough to be called an encyclopedia of modern tank armor and helicopters". R & D early as.相关的主题文章: