China’s 64 nuclear CPU public display of the first integration of the 4 billion 800 million transist steam_api.dll

China’s 64 nuclear CPU first public demonstration of integrated 4 billion 800 million transistors – technology – designed by Chinese people.com.cn Tianjin Feiteng Information Technology Co. Ltd., a 64 nuclear central processor (CPU) and an international conference held in Silicon Valley on the prototype server for the first time, 3 days of continuous display attracted international attention. High performance chip workshop, "popular chip" by the American Institute of electrical and electronics engineers, microprocessor and microcomputer technology committee, held once a year. This year’s conference from 21 to 23 in San Francisco Nancheng city in Cupertino held about 600 scholars and engineering technical personnel to participate in. The company last year to index soar Seminar on promotion of this code named "Mars" FT2000 / 64 CPU, this shows the processor physical products and prototype within 3 days, more than 100 professional visitors booth. FT2000 / 64 processor using Advanced RISC Machine (ARM) architecture, compatible with the 64 bit instruction set, the integration of the 64 FT’s independent design of the processor core, core frequency of 2000 trillion Hz, the peak speed of floating point 512 billion times per second, the typical application situation of the real power consumption of 100 watts. In the width of 55 mm in each package, a length of 25.38 mm and a width of 25.2 mm on the silicon semiconductor core, with the aid of the process of the integration of the 28 nanometer circuit, the processor integrates a total of 4 billion 800 million transistors. Feiteng company engineers on the scene said that FT2000 / 64 is Chinese independent design of the first 64 nuclear general processor, also is currently the highest performance of global ARM architecture server chip. The X86 processor Intel and other chip manufacturers to adopt the "complex instruction set computer (CISC) architecture, and ARM architecture processor belongs to the" RISC "(RISC), the required number of transistors is less, high efficiency, low cost and power consumption, more suitable for smart mobile devices, high performance server etc.. In recent years, the ARM architecture processor market is developing rapidly. (Xu Yong) (commissioning editor Wei Yan and Zhao Zhuqing)相关的主题文章: