Do not want to give the baby to eat anti season vegetables, then this dish to eat more! Sohu – pretty rhythm

Do not want to give the baby to eat anti season vegetables, then this dish to eat more! Because the mother – Sohu winter climate environment suitable for the growth of crops, want to eat in the winter season of fruits and vegetables, or some difficulty, because the winter seasonal vegetables than other seasons is really rare, the most common is the cabbage, radish, think of Southern sisters we will estimate the north more than choice, feel envy ah. This dish today on Chinese cabbage as the main raw material, made of vinegar flavor of sour cabbage, but reduced the normal production of edible spices, more suitable for baby oh, baby when there is no appetite to try this dish. Chinese cabbage is rich in vitamins and calcium, zinc, selenium and other minerals, the dietary fiber is also very rich, can play a laxative, promote the role of detoxification, in addition, Chinese cabbage up to 95% moisture content, dry weather in winter, eat cabbage Runzao, can play a role to protect the skin. Recipe: sour cabbage Chinese cabbage 150g, carrot 30g, a little starch sauce: vinegar, salt and cooking methods: fried reference month: the degree of difficulty: more than 16 months without difficulty that the suitable approach to food allergy BABY * * 1 ready ingredients: cabbage, carrot 30g, starch 150g. PS: give the baby to eat the best to remove a few layers of leaves outside, select the part of the cabbage heart will be more tender, suitable for baby food. 2 wash the cabbage with flowing water, then soak in water for 10 minutes. 3 Chinese cabbage soaked and drain water, then with a knife surface will flatten state of Chinese cabbage. 4 and then tilt the knife surface, the cabbage into thin slices. PS: the knife surface and cabbage about a 30 degree angle bevel, such a good piece of cabbage pieces will be thinner, when fried more easily tasty. 5 made a dynamic map to facilitate a more clear view of everyone oh! 6 sliced cabbage slices. 7 carrot peeled, cut into thin slices. 8 after the water to boil, add cabbage and carrots for 1 minutes. 9 then the Chinese cabbage and carrot remove and dry moisture control, standby in a bowl. 10 cut a little chopped green onion standby. 11 add a little water to the starch and mix well. Pour a little oil into the 12 pot, heat the oil into the green onion pot explosion. And then pour cabbage and radish or stir fry for 1 minutes, add a little vinegar, a little salt seasoning, continue to stir fried cabbage and carrots. 13 finally pour into the good starch, stir well can be out of the pot! 14 super rice appetizer sour cabbage is ready! PS: it’s winter. We all like to buy a bunch of cabbages. Cabbage contains a lot of water storage, high temperature will tend to decay, buying cabbage, first airing 4-5 days, every day will be cabbage Fanshai look, in order to avoid side side dry rot. Cabbage suitable storage temperature is 0-5 degrees, the home has a high heating temperature do not put the cabbage into the room.相关的主题文章: