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Domestic price drops, foreign Uber was not prosecuted because of the price – Sohu technology drops and excellent step (Uber) after the merger of China, is said to have raised prices in major cities have caused dissatisfaction. But today, Uber headquarters headquarters in San Francisco, was the most prestigious local taxi company Flywheel sued, mainly due to the Uber price is too low. So whether or not prices rise, are to offend people! Flywheel is the oldest taxi company in San Francisco. They claim that since the UberX service was launched in 2012, the taxi industry in San Francisco has been heavily suppressed, losing 65% of its passengers and about 30% of its drivers. The result is that Uber is cheaper than a taxi by 10% to $45%. So Uber do not lose money? Flywheel believes that Uber can get large sums of money from the cash flow of the risk of investors to make up for the loss. In addition, they also have some information about the Uber to reduce the safety of the driver should be provided for the project, as well as exaggerated the driver may get compensation, etc.. Flywheel CEO to accept the media interview, said publicly that "we sued Uber in order to make Uber responsible for their illegal behavior, and the prosecution is not intended to eliminate competitors or stifle technological innovation. We hope that all taxi service can be treated equally by law, competition should be on the fair starting line." Now Uber is going to put all the competitors out of the market, then it will monopolize the market, monopoly, and then raise the price of big profit. But Standford law professor Mark Lemley believes that the prosecution difficult to succeed, because the burden of Uber malicious price competition is comparable to the impossible, "competitor pricing is too low, it is difficult to be expelled as evidence of price monopoly and peer. It is generally the case that the failure of a competitor is so declared, and then they are thought to be merely out of anger and revenge." So how does Uber respond? They are extremely adept and official told Tech Crunch, "we have a variety of competition will survive; our goal is to provide a reliable method to replace private driving; our technology makes network system more reliable. Like UberPool (many people carpool) this innovation will move to further reduce the price, let the carpool service become more choice." Uber is facing a lot of litigation, Flywheel is just one of. In foreign countries, often can see the reason for the prosecution of the retrofit, winning is another. For example, some time ago, an old lady sued KFC family bucket fraud, and asked for $20 million – because the package can not let the whole family to eat. A face Meng force KFC said the old lady will directly request the court to withdraw the prank.相关的主题文章: