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Double eleven mobile phone sales forward Meizu fourth, HUAWEI second, it ranked first – tech Sohu scoop November 12th news: tomorrow is the double eleven Shopping Festival once a year, the mobile phone brand has long been eager for a fight. From November 1st onwards, Jingdong began a big promotion, the daily sales of mobile phone brands ranked. From November 1st to November 9th, the total sales of mobile phone brands on the list, with 504820 units millet sales ranked first, second place is HUAWEI (Han Rongyao), the third is apple ranked fourth Meizu, the most surprising is the 360 mobile phone was ranked fifth, more than the Samsung as a strong competitor. In the mobile phone brand total sales list, there is no doubt that the high price of the apple mobile phone ranked first, the first domestic mobile phone brand HUAWEI ranked second, ranked first in the sales list of millet only ranked third. So for tomorrow’s official war double eleven, in the end who can become the mobile phone sales champion? In the current situation, millet will continue to defend the throne of eleven sales champion. According to the current official millet news, millet will be eleven days in the first episode of the big kill red rice, is said to be stocking up to 500 thousand units of 4. Red rice 4 high price is absolutely unprecedented, can be called the king of price. Especially the 4 high version red rice, with HUAWEI Nova and OPPO R9s configuration, but the price is only half of the HUAWEI Nova not just OPPO, R9s price of less than 1/3, it is amazing! At present, red rice 4 with a high price of 899 yuan, the price of 2099 yuan HUAWEI Nova, OPPO R9s price of 2799 yuan, is better than not know, a more than surprised, we still use the following chart to compare these three mobile phone specific configuration. [source: Tencent] [] commissioning editor: Dong Jingsheng相关的主题文章: