Economic disputes between the elderly 6 year old boy was kidnapped Mid Autumn Festival in Honghu (vi 8l9840

The economic dispute between the elder 6 year old boy was kidnapped 15 days in Honghu to the Mid Autumn Festival is the Mid Autumn Festival once a year, but in Yueyang city farmers market has undergone a Xiqiao bizarre kidnapping case, a 6 year old children for seniors between economic disputes were two debt collectors kidnapped, after police received a report in Yueyang that night from Yueyang to Hubei tracing in a village in the city of Honghu, the two suspects were arrested, the hostages were successfully rescued. In September 15, 2016 10 pm, Yueyang Tower Public Security Bureau of Interpol brigade police received a report that a six year old Lu Mei Xiqiao street children Xianting farmers market kidnapped. After receiving the alarm, deputy director of the Yueyang Tower, deputy head of the District People’s government branch secretary Yu Xin, Du Weidong attaches great importance to the transfer of the Criminal Police Brigade ordered the elite forces to set up the "0915" project group, be sure to cracked the case as soon as possible, to ensure the safety of the hostages. Interpol battalion Cao Hui led the Criminal Investigation Brigade police quickly went to the scene to carry out on-site investigation and detection work exploration. After investigation, quickly locked the two suspects to a certain object, Chen moumou. On the evening of the project team members to diverge, a routing instructor Zou Yueping led the ad hoc police according to the suspects escape route tracking to Hubei city of Honghu, another way to stay in Yueyang City, the ad hoc police do basic work, and to appease the families of emotions. Yueyang Tower District Criminal Investigation Brigade of the "0915" special investigator Zou Lei told the Yueyang daily media reporters, the task force rushed to the scene after they rushed in, and obtain a surveillance video surrounding the watch, in the monitoring, found two suspects the boy from the market away, and then a taxi to leave. "The child was suspect away directly after the taxi, we find the taxi driver, the taxi driver said that the man had been sent to Hubei, get off at high speed in Bai Luo Zhen leave; then we have a way to Bai Luo town, finally identified the suspects in Honghu." Zou Lei said. In September 16th 2 a.m., the ad hoc police with the assistance of the Honghu police, finally a village in the city in Honghu Jiang Jie Mao arrested the suspect, and successfully rescued the hostages, two suspects were then escorted back to Yueyang, the children returned to the hands of relatives of security. Yueyang police on the two suspects took a surprise review, watching the cold handcuffs, have expressed remorse. Originally, two people from the field repeatedly came to Yueyang to find the kidnapped children’s Grandpa Liu Moumou beg for arrears were unsuccessful, the child was going to scare away Liu Moumou, expect to recover arrears will come back, I did not expect so soon to be caught by the police. Reporter: what do you think of the suspect Moumou: regret. I’m not kidnapping. I’m just trying to scare him. Let him get my money back. Reporter: do you know what kind of criminal law you will face?. Suspect Moumou: we do not have to hurt him (a child), and did not hit him, didn’t scold him, and not to abuse him, he is very good, then thought that is illegal, is also a kind of light; we so much money, we want to come back the possibility is very small, we had to take risks and collar. After investigation found that: the suspect, to a certain, Chen Moumou, due to the debt problem and the victim knife相关的主题文章: