Europa Intelligence Sander Teski League 3 flat 3 negative win winflash

Europa Intelligence: Sander Teski League 3 win 010 draw 3 negative Thursday       Europa       Sparta Prague VS Sander Teski       2016-08-26 02:00             team situation: Sparta Prague is Czech Serie A League’s top teams. The last 10 years the worst result is second. But the team has recently been Pilsen victory in nearly six seasons of repression, only to get a championship. The team qualify for the Champions League, but in the Champions League qualifier in the two round by the Bucharest star Sparta Prague eliminated, lost out. This season’s Czech Serie A, Sparta Prague performed well, scored three wins and one level results, and Zi Lin tied for the first place in the standings. Is this game starting lineup: Koubek Harmony Suckale Jef Brabeck Kadlec do F Karl Wa Ha Mare Seck Che Mark Lafata Shug Lal Sander Teski also won second league last season, but they are not in the Danish League in traditional Qiang, the Europa League, the team has eliminated strom Chester and Lubin basin into the playoff. Unlike the brilliance in the League of Sparta Prague, Sander Teski had a nightmare in the league, the team before the six round to a score of 3 flat 3 negative, win. Is this game starting lineup: Skender Pedersen Can West Rupp Maak Drachma Madsen Guira Hurd Fagafaga Dyklevokwa Dahl Chunter Venue: the game will at Sparta Prague TOYOTA center held home court, is expected to match day temperature of 15 degrees, the weather is sunny. History of the two sides record: a week before the Europa League, the two teams 0:0 handshake and. Recommendation: Shengping Fu Sheng @1.25 both strength and fame is the first round, Sparta Prague occupy an overwhelming advantage, offensive team also erected several Carle and lata’s main method, plus defender Brabeck ban expires regression, the team faced Sander thies based occupy a considerable advantage, Gambling company is also out of a ball low water for its bets by injection, the water level continued to decline, the compensate mainstream even below 1.4, found no suspense. (AHA)相关的主题文章: