Excess capacity, real estate corporate debt risk control plan this week or the introduction (video) y580

Overcapacity, real estate corporate debt risk control plan this week or the introduction of corporate leverage does not reduce the real estate debt ratio rose above 80% in the morning of August 30th, the media reported that recently received a number of brokerage exchange window guidance issued in recent three years in the business income, from the local government-owned ratio of more than 50% you will not be able to exchange bonds. Media quoted industry sources said, if in accordance with the implementation of the standard, then at least 70% of the class platform companies do not meet the conditions for the issuance of corporate bonds. Close to the Commission informed the person in accordance with the twenty-first Century economic news reporter confirmed that the issue of the standard adjustment, but said that the 70% types of platforms can not be exaggerated bonds." Coincidentally, this afternoon a rather wide spread rumors: exchange received window guidance, excess capacity, public and private real estate enterprises to issue corporate bonds, in principle, shall not be approved, and the Commission will next week to exchange the handling of the matter. "It must be a fake." In this regard, the twenty-first Century economic report reporter from informed sources close to the Commission of the exclusive, the commission does in promoting corporate debt risk control, but not so simple and crude way, "specific standards may be out later this week." January 2015, the Commission issued the corporate bond issuance and transaction management approach, clearly stipulates that local government financing platform companies can not issue corporate bonds. But the Commission on the local government financing platform outside the list of listed companies outside the platform, it will be released. There are two main conditions: the last three years (non publicly issued for the past two years) from the local government-owned issuer cash inflows and cash inflow from operating activities accounted for an average of more than 50%, or the last three years (non-public offering for the last two years) of income and revenue from the local government the average proportion of more than 50%, the company can not issue corporate bonds. "The exchange of cash flow does not exceed 50% of the proportion of the conditions removed, the platform shows that the supervisory department debt risk control measures, and the key point is severe." A Beijing brokerage company debt business on twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter said, "many local platform issuers from local government revenue accounted for a very high, some more than 90%, rely on cash flow ratio is not the condition of holding the line." A Beijing brokerage analysts believe that the high debt ratio, liquidity pressures of large enterprises, especially the county level city investment company will exchange the measures in the first impact, the reason is that the city investment company issued bonds to replenish liquidity or adjust the debt structure as the main, there is an urgent demand for liquidity pressure Enterprises large." Secondly, to charity projects (BT, project oriented), public asset management industry city investment company, the sources of government revenue sources of income in a relatively large proportion, will be the focus of scrutiny. The brokerage analysts further believe that the city voted money phenomenon will likely disappear. According to the analysis, at present the city voted debt quality improved thanks to three aspects: the local debt replacement part please help the enterprise debt burden, easing financing conditions further ease liquidity pressures, the steady growth of the city investment company makes high demands on infrastructure.相关的主题文章: