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Experience: 17 senior mathematics study section of the last sixty days sprint planning distance closer examination, many students now state is not stable, easy to panic. Here I will represent the New Oriental online graduate entrance examination research center to share my last year’s sprint stage planning, and some of my personal tips. A schedule: sprint =12 months ago (Zhenti simulation) +12 months before the consolidation of (a), December before doing Zhenti — 30 years of postgraduate mathematics Zhenti done repeatedly, before 2010 according to the subjects to do, not to question mark, another time. After 2011 (including 2011), by volume to do. The process of doing Zhenti, definition of meet not, to return to see the definition of the concept of basic textbooks, textbooks, this process is very important. Like martial arts, return textbooks, understand the concept, is to open up the two big puleses, deviate from them, understand the concept, what problems are hard to beat. 1, Zhenti and simulation questions how to choose what is the most classic review, if the time is urgent, then give up simulation, do it. The simulation problem is auxiliary, choose good simulation questions, not good error, misleading, simulation questions such as do, school classmates, based on good Zhenti, doing about 4 sets of simulation questions is enough. Before 2, the return of textbooks in December, will meet the definition, theorem does not understand, must return textbooks; postgraduate mathematics basic skills of light, therefore, the time to do, try to choose to do with the basic definition of a problem, a method to avoid a problem, at this stage, the time is too tight, there is not enough time to do more exercises. (two), after December into the December – there are still an examination of the distance of more than and 20 days. During this time, every morning time must be used to do math problems. 8:30, 11:30 end, follow the exam time to practice their rhythm, speed and sense of problem problem. Set of questions at this stage, can be Zhenti, can be simulated, but the simulation problem is to choose good quality. And simulation questions don’t score as the reference points, as most simulation questions Zhenti answer to the end, test the test more than less, are calm, Zhenti and simulation questions completely different. The last 20 days, there is an important link to return textbooks, high inside, low frequency and easy test of knowledge, is the phase of impact, curvature, directional derivative, differential equation, these are the points that can remember the formula, must remember the exam, shake before drinking. Two, to talk about the real battlefield tactics in the sprint phase of the state transferred to the same day as the entrance examination, mathematics in the morning, to cultivate their own sense of doing mathematics in the morning. The math test of large amount of calculation, so some students do, do not have time to check, do not panic, mathematics examinations and other subjects are not the same, or to count, still need time, 3 hours, 23 questions, finally left us a little time to check, so can’t check and don’t be discouraged. Talk about the particular manner, after the papers in hand, according to the.相关的主题文章: