Express Xing Tu ten special car maximum discount of 70 thousand naughty怎么读

Express Xing Tu ten special vehicle highest preferential 70 thousand double 10 happy purchase, our most favorable. In October 15th the huge benefits share the joy, day to shop in the car can hit the golden egg to send gifts activities (only 15 days). A variety of models of the city’s lowest, only 15 day field customers. [1.6L] and the following reduction free gift buy cars, enjoy the purchase tax by half, the highest 8000 yuan relief; [li] stage 20% down payment, enjoy the highest 3 annual interest rate 0; [replacement] any brand of second-hand car replacement, enjoy the highest 18000 yuan subsidy; [lucky] ritual activities during the day to launch a special offer the car, no longer have to miss.         October 10th – October 16th 0 ahead of double eleven big promotion and perfect in every respect the FAW – Volkswagen express Xing en October 15, 2016 store – Carnival feast invites you to friends and family together to enjoy! Smashing the golden eggs in the whole model is the lowest price into the shop on the gift!!!   express love and care! Beijing Daxing District South Road South straight to Qingyuan Road intersection turn left at the riders Huang Cun route: Qingyuan Road East straight south axis road to Yizhuang; riders route: Boxing Road South Hing Road is straight to the right turn Xizhimen had 104 National Highway to rescue 24 hours Tel: 010-69283215 insurance claims Liu hotline: 18910576855相关的主题文章: