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League Cup analysis: Marseille stronger strength away triumph – Sohu Clement vs Marseille 20162017 League Cup third race time: Thursday 2016-10-27 03:05 crown handicap: 0.88 hemisphere ball 1 Wade handicap: 0.90 by hemisphere a ball 0.99 William Hill: 4.33 3.60 1.75 4.50 3.75 1.75 Ladbrokes: [news] score data 1, Claremont and Marseille haven’t played in the race. 2, Clement in law B is not good, currently ranked fourteenth in the top 13. They have good condition, in the last round of B 1-2 defeat Niort in 5 games, only 2 flat 3 negative results. In 3, Clement played in the home court, nearly 3 home court 2 flat 1 negative, scoring only 2, battle capacity needs to be strengthened. 4, Marseille in France this season is still tepid, currently ranked eleventh with 13 points. The recent state of the team is very good, the last round away 0-0 and Paris war and nearly 4 games harvest of 2 wins and 2 draws. 5, Marseille road capacity is not strong, nearly 4 away only 2 flat 2 negative, this season away haven’t tasted the taste of victory. [] the main asian handicap analysis company more than 3 by half on high water price, most companies in the stage of having high water half plate. Clement just downstream B team, with Marseille was apparently not the backbone of a war, while the Asian plate is very promising, given half a low water handicap, gradually improve the market outlook, support attitude obviously, in William Hill and Ladbrokes is sharply lower negative for prevention of the guest. The current situation of Marseille is very favorable, is expected to hit the guest. SMG recommended: 0 Asian disk recommended: Marseille -0.75相关的主题文章: