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"Focus on diabetes" — World Diabetes Day Harbin Medical University Hospital held a large free clinic diabetes clinic screening for diabetes clinic screening (the photography Zhang Xinhao) WHO and the International Diabetes Federation from 1991 to November 14th as "World Diabetes Day", to urge governments and the community to strengthen the control of diabetes, reduce the harm of diabetes. In November 14, 2016, Harbin Medical University Hospital Department of Endocrinology around the theme of this year’s "World Diabetes Day" and "focus on large-scale screening for diabetes, diabetes clinic activities. Designed to allow more people to understand the dangers of diabetes, improve the lives of bad behavior, improve their own and family awareness of disease prevention, control and delay the occurrence and development of diabetes. The diabetes clinic screening activity in the blood glucose monitoring blood pressure detection of vision detection of diabetes clinic screening activities held in the outpatient department of the hospital, in the clinic medical staff were dressed in white, wearing the Heilongjiang province Diabetes Association emblem and the blue ring, wearing a blue scarf, as before to clinic patients for Disease diagnosis. According to the Chinese Medical Association Diabetes Branch Committee, Heilongjiang Province Medical Association Diabetes Association chairman, Harbin Medical University Hospital Department of Endocrinology ward two director, doctoral tutor Professor Kuang Hongyu introduced: the beginning of 2010, Harbin Medical University Hospital held a large free clinic on diabetes. The United Nations diabetes day this year, we are still in the hospital outpatient hall held large diabetes clinic activities, the purpose is to let more people know about diabetes, diabetes mellitus! The diabetes clinic screening activities can be effectively screened a number of diabetes patients, and through the clinic screening activities, let more and more people begin to understand the harm of diabetes, diabetes mellitus, and achieve the purpose of prevention and control of diabetes mellitus. How to effectively prevent and control diabetes? Professor Kuang Hongyu pointed out that the diabetic patients in the north, with the change of the climate, the temperature changes, blood sugar will fluctuate, must follow the doctor’s advice in a timely manner to adjust the treatment plan to prevent the occurrence and development of complications. Diabetes can not be cured, but it can get good control, diabetes to carry out regular, comprehensive treatment: health education, diet therapy, exercise therapy, self testing and drug treatment. Treatment of diabetes health education: five points: This is the priority among priorities in the treatment of diabetes, is essential for patients with diabetes and diabetes prevalence even longer have knowledge of the error, must understand and master the knowledge of diabetes. Diet therapy: to determine the daily intake of total calories according to height, weight, amount of labor of patients, regular meals, regular quantitative, slowly, to develop good eating habits. When blood glucose control is not ideal, it is not recommended to eat fruit. Diet should be light diet, control the intake of fat, choose low calorie food meal. Exercise therapy: 1 hours since the start of the exercise, not to be tired. Step by step and persevere, taboo fasting exercise. Exercise time control in 30-40 minutes, choose the like and easy to adhere to the movement. Carry sweets or candy, for hypoglycemia and.相关的主题文章: