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From Camacho to Lippi, the "Reds" get rid of "relations" hat – Sports Sohu from Camacho, to Perrin, to Gao Hongbo, he has long dominated the country foot "Reds" spot. However, some fans questioned his voice has never been broken. Online rumors have been, he was said to be in the Chinese Football Association officials in such a nephew, someone said he was a senior leadership relatives. In short, in some people’s eyes, he is a relationship". This time, however, he is still in the Lippi national team. Lippi’s command line, "forced" football reform, not only to become the world’s highest paid coach, has become the largest in the history of Chinese football coach right. With the former national football coach, from the selection of players, tactical arrangements, daily training and other aspects of " fox " have absolute autonomy. So, to enter Lippi’s eye on the football players, rigorous and demanding is absolutely genuine goods at a fair price. Then, his inclusion can be said to get rid of right and proper "relations" hat. Who is it? He is from Camacho to Perrin, to the next to the president of the Republic of China, and then to the general secretary of the general manager of the board of directors of all the countries of the world on the other hand, no less than the general manager of the port: Yu Hai, Lippi. In fact, the coach so loving Yu Hai, there must be a reason. Yu Hai, born in June 4, 1987 in Henan, Luoyang. From primary school to junior high school, Yu Hai is a student of excellent in character and learning in the whole year, the exam is always the top three level, and he accepted the ability is specially strong, high level of english. In 1997, 10 year old Yu Hai went to Shanghai to leave the hometown, open football occupation career. Since then, following the Shanghai International (Beijing and predecessor) removed Shaanxi, Guizhou. February 2015, Yu Hai up to 50 million yuan worth of people from Guizhou and the transfer of Shanghai port. 2007-2008 years in Holland, Yu Hai played briefly vitesse. The club is the national football team teenager Zhang Yuning. Yu Hai, his active on the left, because the speed with a sharp break, with Holland’s style is similar to Robben. Therefore, known as "China Robben". 2008 is a watershed in Yu Hai’s career. Yu Hai suffered heavy losses during the Beijing Olympic Games: cruciate ligament tear. From the left, "Robben China" go by like the wind away for a long time. Stand up again after the past, herd rhythm, and a sharp break has been difficult to replicate 100%. Soon, the bitter summer Club Vitesse announced its termination, Yu Hai returned to Shaanxi BA?. The injury for Yu Hai, a huge impact. If the body injury can heal slowly with time, but the shadow of psychological trauma has long lingering. "Yu Hai football skills and talents are very good, his very distinctive features, good technology, good wing break. If he can break their "mental illness", he will chengdaqi, and also will have their own a space for one person in the national team." 2009, Shaanxi? Ba coach Cheng Yaodong says. Although Yu Hai is difficult to reproduce the "Robben" treasures. But strong相关的主题文章: