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TOYOTA Huang Yongqiang: structural reform to help the new ten years of "entrepreneurship" – Sohu (the Sohu automobile car Xiao Mengmeng) "ten years grinding sword." From the Tang Dynasty poet Jia Dao’s "swordsman" metaphor, years of continuous work experience, long-term, continuous power savings. Today’s GAC TOYOTA should be the poem, in the first ten years of rapid development, Guangzhou TOYOTA production and sales steadily increased year by year, in 2013 the annual sales exceeded 300 thousand, in 2015 exceeded the 400 thousand. 2016, GAC TOYOTA in the absence of new product introduction, the annual sales volume is expected to exceed 430 thousand, up to continue to maintain positive growth. In the increasingly fierce competition in the China car market, various car companies have in the end product innovation, new models for sales promotion plays a certain role, while TOYOTA Camry in our impression is not the introduction of new models of high frequency enterprises, especially since the new Chinese Schwartlander listed, there is a higher influence the launch of the new car, then continued to upgrade the Guangzhou TOYOTA sales power source from where? In November 3, 2016, jointly established by the Sohu automobile and other 27 media units of the "alliance" Chinese new mainstream media into the car factory, Guangzhou TOYOTA, through the way of exploring the high-level exchange motive power Guangzhou TOYOTA maintain positive growth, and for the future which will make strategic deployment of Guangzhou TOYOTA. The structural reform of ten years to help new business since its establishment in September 1, 2004, Guangzhou TOYOTA has gone through twelve years, can be said that the Guangzhou TOYOTA automobile market is the rapid development of Chinese witness, is the beneficiary. At present, TOYOTA Camry models has been increased to 7, although relatively few paragraph number, but it can be said that the enterprise is in the pursuit of "patient", TOYOTA Camry models in their respective market segments have strong competitiveness, such as the new Highlander listed in March 2015, is still in a car to the state. Now TOYOTA has entered the new enterprise development for ten years, "make still further progress further." Guangzhou TOYOTA has been the first ten years of development history, and will be combined with the current situation of the domestic auto market to seek greater development. The new ten years of development, GAC TOYOTA will have what new action? Structural reform will be the foundation of the new TOYOTA ten years’ Entrepreneurship ‘, will fundamentally solve the problem of survival and development, to achieve sustained and steady development. In addition, TOYOTA will also launch a variety of new cars, to 2020 the number of domestic models will reach 10." TOYOTA deputy general manager Huang Yongqiang said. Due to the recent Guangzhou TOYOTA did not launch new models more influential, we may question the Guangzhou TOYOTA management and strategic planning, but the fact that the company has not slowed down the pace of new product launch, in no case, Guangzhou TOYOTA will focus on structural reform, and strive to make a good the foundation for the further development of the new ten years. So what is structural reform? It is understood that Guangzhou TOYOTA structural reform is mainly focused on the production and sale of the two links. In the production process, in view of the existing one or two production lines, eliminate waste,.相关的主题文章: