Haikou 5 days old uncle in the yesterday, the rate of relatives and friends came to accept the plants war

5 year old uncle in Haikou 9 million 430 thousand   rate of relatives and friends yesterday appeared to accept the award — people.com.cn Hainan windows — people.com.cn original title: three Po 5 late uncle yesterday was friends and relatives appeared to accept Mr. Feng Feng’s site to accept the award winning tickets on the evening of 23, Shuangse Qiu 2016098th, current out of the red for 02, 08 25, 29, 31, 32, 06. National first prize 3 note, a single note bonus of $more than 9 million 430 thousand, including Hainan, the 1 note. The provincial welfare lottery center room data show that the first prize in our province from Qiongshan District of Haikou City, three Pozhen civilization Street No. 019 Shop No. 46015053 non-staple food supply and marketing cooperatives lottery betting station. Yesterday afternoon, the grand prize winner arrived in Haikou from three slopes, took huge bonuses. Do not understand the play time to buy, every time the machine is selected 10 yuan yesterday afternoon, the winner of a total of 6 articles and appeared against the collar of the Provincial Welfare Lottery Center, a bonus of 9 million 430 thousand yuan. It is reported that winning the lottery is a 10 yuan note 5 menu type ticket machine. The grand prize winner Mr. Feng (Surname) told reporters that he is three Pozhen Haikou City, more than and 50 year old, who lives in rural areas, usually to the town to do a small business income household, even reluctant to buy mobile phone. Mr. Feng told reporters that he buy a lottery ticket has been for several years, but did not buy each, only to the town to do business, have time to buy, buy only 10 yuan each. Mr. Feng said that in fact he did not know the lottery play, just heard bonus high, so occasionally buy some luck. Because not familiar with the lottery play, so he is betting machine selection number. Learned that winning hands trembling, brain has a "messy" "I am the last night (25 days) to identify themselves in the first prize." Talking about winning the mood after, Mr. Feng said, the current lottery for second days, he saw the newspaper printed 9 million 430 thousand Shuangseqiu awards news three Pozhen, then pulls out his lottery to buy. Mr. Feng said, the process of check the number, is he in this life the most exciting the most memorable moment, "although three out of 9 million 430 thousand yuan slope in the double chromosphere awards caused a sensation, but I get out of the lottery is aware of the action, did not think it would be in their own." Mr. Feng took the lottery check number, increasingly excited, 2, 8, 25, 29, 31, 32+6, for after, he felt that this is probably the first prize himself, had already become rapid heartbeat, hands began to tremble". But again, the newspaper published the number is 02, 08, 25, 29, 31, 32+06, 02, 08, 06 of which are two digits, Mr. Feng said he was not familiar with the lottery, so not too sure myself in. Until 25 PM, he took the lottery to buy lottery often ask relatives, to confirm that he is indeed the 9 million 430 thousand yuan prize, the moment he thought he was dreaming. "I can save ten thousand or twenty thousand a year’s income is not easy, and suddenly so many bonuses, I would not dare to think in this life相关的主题文章: