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Hong Kong media: the Chinese community to actively participate in the election of the majority of Trone pute trump Reference News Network September 20th Hong Kong media reported that the U.S. presidential election this year, affecting the specific interests of different ethnic groups, ethnic Chinese in the United States is no exception, both Democratic candidate Hilary fans, also has the Republican candidate Trump supporters, but the overall support of the majority of Trump. According to Hongkong "Oriental Daily" reported on September 19th, as a minority of Chinese political participation enthusiasm gradually increased, not only in the house and Senate elections, also began to compete for the governor, the mayor’s ruling position. In this election, Chinese stronger organization, in California and even organized the "Chinese North American Trump campaign" for cheer. Reported that the majority of Chinese groups are willing to choose Trump rather than Hilary, mainly due to the interests of. Trump’s intention to strengthen the management of the United States, Mexico border, the repatriation of illegal immigrants, which is diligent, law-abiding majority of Chinese people is a good thing. In education, employment, the Democratic Party claims their policies in favor of ethnic minorities, but the Democratic Party policy only includes black and Latino, but everywhere restrictions on chinese. For example, the Democrats proposed in California SCA 5 act, in the name of black and Latino population increase enrollment rate, suppress the diligent students of its consequences is the Asian, may be accounted for about 40% of the proportion of Asian students in California public university, forcibly reduced to consistent with the proportion of 15% of the Asian population in California. The population division, rather than learning to distinguish their seemingly equal rights, but it is a great act of Asian unfair. If the bill passes, there will be about 60% Asian students will be deprived of educational opportunities. Reported that, what is more, the Democratic Party has such a practice to expand the employment trend. In June this year, Obama urged the government including Intel, more than and 30 Silicon Valley high-tech companies promised to recruit black and latino. As we all know, the Chinese and Indians are the main force of Silicon Valley programmers, such a policy is to grab Asian jobs. In addition, Trump as a non professional politicians, there is a strong plasticity, more open policy, will listen to the views of all parties, which is more concerned about the Chinese community. In the past, the strength of the Chinese community dispersed, or do not care about politics, and now through the Internet tools such as WeChat cluster piles, has become a force can not be ignored.相关的主题文章: