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Human or artificial intelligence will rely on strengthening network security protection of AI will become the network security defense artifact Phoenix Technology News Beijing on November 24th news, according to foreign media reports, with the popularity of the Internet, people’s property is also rapid (digital private photos, sensitive customer data and intellectual property), then how to protect them has become an important the lesson of enterprises and individuals. Although every year billions of dollars of capital investment in the field of network attacks, but also to hackers still emerge in an endless stream, a windfall. However, AI appears to be a big help, it can make security vendors, enterprises and individuals in the us to deal with cyber attacks in the upper hand. Here, we come together to inventory the current six key areas of AI network security innovation. Detect and prevent hacking of IOT devices, according to CISCO forecast that by 2020 the number of global networking equipment will rise from 15 billion today to 50 billion. However, due to the limitations of hardware and software resources, many networking devices do not have the basic security measures. Last month, hackers DDoS attacks against the United States is the best proof of this, first was compromised is an Internet camera, then half of the sites have paralyzed. Even more frightening is that, with the use of the Internet of things to launch DDoS attacks Mirai original code is open, such malicious programs increasingly rampant, hackers can attack any enterprise or individual. Internet of things security is one of the most prominent areas of AI technology development. The lightweight AI prediction model can be used to run and run on the device with poor performance, which can detect and block all kinds of suspicious behavior. Right now, a number of start-ups are using AI technology to solve the challenges of Internet of things security, which is more well-known, including CyberX, PFP and Dojo-Labs, etc.. File based network attacks are still the most important way to prevent malicious software and documents from running. In this network attack, the most vulnerable to attack the target file, including executables (.Exe), Acrobat Reader (.Pdf) and Microsoft Office file. Small changes in a single line of code can create new malicious files that have the same malicious intent, but leave a different signature. Similarly, the solution advanced endpoint detection and response in a small change can also create a signature level antivirus program or other heuristics, and now the most deadly is the network and solutions sandbox. There are several start-ups are trying to use AI to deal with this problem. They use the power of AI to look at the millions of features of each suspicious file, and find that even the slightest code conflicts. The leader in developing this file based AI security system includes Cylance, Deep Instinct and Invincea. One of the most important issues for the security team is to improve the operational efficiency of the security operations center. North American companies, for example, receive an average of at least ten thousand security.相关的主题文章: