Hunan a man who killed a suspect being buried alive (Figure) zznba

Hunan: a man who killed a suspect being buried alive (Figure) original title: Hunan Yueyang County, a deaf suspect being buried alive to death, police said the suspect has been arrested in September 27th, Zhongzhou Hunan Township Yueyang County deaf Suying station was died in the sand in the landfill, the family suspected his encounter human alive. The evening of October 6th, Yueyang County Public Security Bureau relevant staff response to surging news () said, the deaf have Suying station was a lethal sand landfill, at present, the police have arrested the suspect Chen, the case is being further processed. Broke the net post posted on the station were buried alive. Suying. According to the station into the Su Suying nephew, uncle Suying station at a local silicon placer company working in the morning of September 27th, 6 pm, he entered the mine tunnel cleaning sand pit. At noon the day of the dinner time, mine colleagues no station looking, Suying dining, he was finally found in the sand pit landfill in a pile of sand stone, the dig to everybody all flurry and confusion, already dead. The death of the family suspected Suying station, is with Chen Mousheng to work for the purpose. Deceased brother Su Xianyong told the surging news, working with Chen Mousheng’s Suying station Yueyang County Zhongzhou Village Yang village a silicon placer, because the working relationship, the two had occurred during the work of many conflicts, so the contradiction between nodes. The second half of 2015, Chen was called the deceased brother, said Suying standing in the company to kill him, "H". Under threat, Su Jiaceng find local village heads and Chen students coordinated, but two people have not yet resolved the contradiction. Su Xianyong said, after the death of his brother Suying station, he was told that his face suddenly poured into the sand landfill Chen students. After the incident, the local police involved in the investigation, Chen has been arrested. Engaged in the hair so far, Chen did not give birth to the matter on the Su home expressed any apology. On the evening of 6, Yueyang County Public Security Bureau staff told surging news, the local did occur deaf Suying station was a lethal sand landfill, at present, the suspect Chen have been detained by police, but their behavior is negligent or intentional, is still under investigation.相关的主题文章: