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Hunan city flood control dike collapse 6 years 5 regulatory responsibilities can hide and seek – Beijing, usually all play each small abacus, prayer is not an accident, happened to think of it "attaches great importance to" vigorously rectification". Qianlizhidi, ulcer in the colony. To prevent any one of the links in the construction of "ants", which has responsibility for local government departments. According to Xinhua News Agency reported on September 12th, recently, there are reports of a city in Hunan, Daoxian County flood control embankment suspected tofu dregs project. The reporter field survey found that the Daoxian County River Xiaoshui a period of nearly 800 meters of the "two Binhe Road section of the flood embankment" since 2010 since the completion of a total of 5 collapsed, which in May this year, a spate of two times. Some sections after the repair, re collapse accident, part of building stone is similar to the "weathered stone", the hand can be molded into slag. Flood control dike is the last line of defense against floods, the protection of people’s lives and property safety, but now it has become a "bean curd residue" project, and 6 years collapsed for the 5 time, is sad, it is ironic. In fact, as early as 2011, for the masses of "levee collapse", the local committee will immediately reply said, comprehensive investigation risks and one-time rectification in place. Now it seems that the original commitment is clearly not cashed. "Bean curd residue" project, the public is no stranger to the bridge just a few years after the collapse of the building, built a few years ago, the wall cracks, ground subsidence…… The party responsible for the explanation outside the "shoddy construction side" and "supervision department supervision not in place". With the flood embankment collapse, the local government response is given stone quality, the construction process is not standardized. The media "why repeated rectification still not in place, the government under the supervision of the reasons for the occurrence of questioning Jerry and delay acceptance phenomenon", local officials talk ambiguously. More often, some government departments in order to avoid being questioned and accountability, often with the construction, construction, supervision side of the problem, to cover up their regulatory responsibilities. However, the project has a set of procedures, from planning, evaluation, decision-making, bidding, design and construction to the completion of the acceptance, which links can not be less. The construction of public infrastructure frequent "tofu" project, how the green light smooth acceptance of delivery? In the process of engineering construction, what is the responsibility of the government? In the construction engineering quality management, a series of related laws and regulations clearly stipulates that the construction administrative departments of local people’s governments at or above the county level construction of the administrative areas of the implementation of quality supervision and management of the local people’s governments at or above the county level; transportation, water conservancy and other relevant departments within the scope of their respective duties, be responsible for the supervision and control of professional construction within the administrative region the quality of the project. Including the supervision and inspection of the construction site construction of the main parties involved in the quality of behavior, supervision and inspection of the construction quality of the project entity, and supervision of the quality of the project acceptance. Although the function of supervision is relatively macro, its deterrent and commanding role is very important. Different from the commercial real estate funded by the construction of the enterprise, the public infrastructure throughout the country led by the government, is to spend taxpayers hard-earned money, once the lack of regulation, its nature is undoubtedly worse. Nowadays a相关的主题文章: