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In an interview with the Danish ambassador to wear Shige: Danish Fairy Tale – more than Beijing, Beijing in September 30 Hangzhou Xinhua (reporter Jiang Yun) in the rain, the beautiful scenery of West Lake a little hazy, but this does not affect the Danish ambassador to Zhejiang Shige wearing a good impression of Hangzhou. In the end, Dong Yeshan Song Baisong visited two local China landscape painter joint exhibition West Lake 20 king Mobao, ambassador in an interview with reporters, beauty generous beauty of Hangzhou. Especially when it comes to the G20 Hangzhou summit held successfully, wearing Shige said, this will let the world know Hangzhou, beautiful scenery and cultural understanding. Denmark is one of the first western countries to establish diplomatic relations with China, has been 66 years. That wearing Shige evaluation of relations between the two countries, in the decades after the establishment of diplomatic relations, bilateral relations are constantly deepened and strengthened, especially in the last ten years, bilateral cooperation in energy, environment, food, medicine, health, life and other industries widely. The high point of relations between the two countries in 2008, the two governments reached a comprehensive strategic partnership, Denmark is also the only one to reach a comprehensive strategic partnership between China and the Nordic countries. China or Denmark in the world’s second largest market, market share increased year by year. Denmark’s exports to China grew by 23% in 2015. In addition, a Shige for Chinese launched the Asian infrastructure investment bank and The Belt and Road "vision to a high degree of evaluation. He said, "The Belt and Road" will give the development along the country to bring a lot of opportunities, but also to the country of Denmark to bring along the long-term interests, especially the logistics transport and shorten the time in trade. At the same time, Denmark joined the Asian investment bank, will also allow some of Denmark’s world-class firms to obtain benefits and opportunities from the Asian investment bank. Today, with the Chinese enterprises have to go out and participate in international competition, Denmark is also very optimistic about the opportunities for Chinese enterprises in the future. Dai Shige said, welcome to the Danish investment enterprise Chinese. Over the years, many areas of Denmark has been favored by Chinese investors, he cited, for example, is a leading Danish Wind Energy Industry in the world, which also attracted a lot of Chinese enterprises to enter. "There are a lot of Chinese companies in Denmark to establish R & D center, we also hope that in the future there will be more areas to attract Chinese investors to invest in denmark." A Shige in Hangzhou to Chinese entrepreneurs handed out an olive branch. A Shige handed out the olive branch more than Chinese entrepreneurs, he also hope that more tourists can travel to Denmark Chinese. Most of the people to stay in Denmark Chinese impression Andersen classic fairy tale, stay in the little mermaid known to the world. However, a Shige think, Denmark more than a fairy tale, and a beautiful environment, livable life and people’s happiness. He in the Danish capital of Copenhagen as an example, although it is the internationalization of the city, but the city of clear water, people leisurely and carefree. "In Copenhagen, 45% of people travel by bike." Dai Shige believes that through the visit to Denmark, China visitors can see, living in a big city is not necessarily a tired face, living in a big city can also be green, easy.相关的主题文章: