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The inter-bank bond market is now the first clearing member defaults to go – ridden enterprises redemption Sohu financing after half a year of reforming efforts, Guangxi Nonferrous Metals Group or in the days before entering bankruptcy liquidation, as in the first issue of the bankruptcy liquidation of enterprise bonds in the inter bank market. It is also a bad news for companies that want to recover from bankruptcy. But a few happy tears yesterday, the market came in debt plan has been approved, press the start button of a new round of debt. But this plan is to implement the large area is still in doubt, and the steel debt effect remains to be seen. Many enterprises in the second half to redeem the bond defaults experienced turmoil, some enterprises self "Redemption" has been noticed. Since last year, double group, China railway materials have been out of the default whirlpool, steel, nonferrous metals, Jiangxi LDK, Guangxi Bohai iron and steel is also seeking the way out of predicament. In a variety of solutions, the bankruptcy reorganization, debt and government coordination mode of high voice. Among them, debt concern have made a breakthrough in yesterday. According to sources, the steel debt plan has been approved, 60 billion yuan of debt, equity scale of nearly 30 billion yuan. However, most companies have not been so lucky. All life is different, this year there have been 8 times of default by investors in Northeast, repeatedly ordered off the debt equity swap. With nearly 200 billion yuan of debt risk of Bohai iron and steel, the day before that "debt bonds" scheme is also the official denied the progress is still in the study. Choose the more traditional bankruptcy reorganization mode of Guangxi nonferrous metals also received a tragic ending. The day before the people’s court announced that due to Guangxi nonferrous metals and management people failed in the court within 6 months from the date of the draft reorganization plan since reforming, nor the request, the court ruled that the termination of the reorganization and bankruptcy. This means that the Guangxi nonferrous metals after half a year’s reforming efforts vanish like soap bubbles. The bankruptcy reorganization of LDK Group subsidiary has not yet been approved by the creditor bank. To solve the difficult process in fact, many enterprises are in the process of seeking to solve the crisis, investor, creditor banks triggered at any moment and the contradiction between. With the reforming of LDK group as an example, a creditor bank told Beijing Daily reporter, the plan of reorganization creditor banks opposed the Jiangxi LDK, but because the low rate of liquidity to the banking losses are too big, their LDK Jiangxi manager qualification is full of doubts. Jiangxi LDK is the largest bankruptcy reorganization case this year, very complex. The manager’s ability to handle such a large case, its past experience, the understanding of the PV market and the ability to seek qualified strategic investors in the photovoltaic market are lacking." The source suggested that in the restructuring process, the introduction of professional financial consulting firm, which is also mentioned in the new bankruptcy law in China, and there are already successful precedents abroad. Jiangxi LDK bank claims the collective opposition to reforming progress was forced to halt, and insiders of a bond underwriter of Guangxi nonferrous said, Guangxi nonferrous metals and management even within 6 months did not find a suitable plan of reorganization, the time and location are not in.相关的主题文章: