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Interview: Guo Xiaodong does not endorse the plan "and" child – Beijing "Hey, kids" in Guo Xiaodong and Jiang Wenli stills Beijing, Beijing (reporter Zhang Xi) in November 22, loss of independence, the second child, Ding Ke…… The hit TV series "Hey," the topic of children "children" in the cause of hot debate. Why do we have children? How to treat "and"? Recently, starring Guo Xiaodong to accept the new network (WeChat public number: cns2012) interview, he bluntly respect everyone’s choice, but stressed that the child is not a guarantee of parental care, raising children is actually another kind of growth". Directed by Yazhou Yang, Jiang Wenli, Li Xiaoran, Guo Xiaodong, Liu Tianzuo, Han Qing, Qi Xi starred in the TV series "Hey," children are currently in Zhejiang satellite tv. The drama Fang three siblings each have troubles, which Jiang Wenli (Fang Yun), Guo Xiaodong (decorated Qin Shuanzhu) as the couple lost independence, because of health reasons cannot bear, so the party came up with a rhyme by egg way, that Qin Shuanzhu could not accept that, in the years of marriage fall apart. The three couples show three different marital status and children parenting idea, face the loss of independence, the second child, Ding Ke and other practical problems. "Hey, kids" stills "why do you have to have children?" Some of the audience questioned after the play. In Guo Xiaodong’s view, the child is part of their lives, I am a very traditional person, for me, can serve as a son, son-in-law or father this social role, will feel very happy". At the same time, he also said that respect the DINK family and enjoy the single without children, "because life is short, can in the short life and being true to yourself is a very great thing, I respect everyone’s choice". During the interview, the "and" argument, Guo Xiaodong bluntly, children are not parents pension guarantee, raising children is another kind of growth, re experience the parents of their childhood care, this is very interesting. Every day watching the colorful children grow up is also very happy. Very grateful to life, I can have a happy family". For the play as the loss of a single father, Guo Xiaodong admits he has been very concerned about this group, to the forty or fifty year old lost independence, very painful, too poor. Because there is no hope…… This pain is a lifetime, can not be diluted. Even a child can’t heal the pain of losing a child". "Play too child heart." Guo Xiaodong told reporters, every scene of his own speech have great amount of information, very heavy, "the role behind the amount too much information into the heart, too child heart, I would like to show the full, it is a painful state". The Guo Xiaodong family photograph: Guo Xiaodong propaganda Guo Xiaodong was born in 1974, 2007 with fellow actors Lisha Cheng tied the knot, the son was born in 2010. "Real man" recorded last year the first season, Guo Xiaodong shows caring for his wife and children, was friends known as the "new three men". Asked to consider a second child, Guo Xiaodong said, has reached a consensus with his wife, "we think)相关的主题文章: