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IT focus:   exposing the   network signal with the details about the car; Ma Spielberg dialogue –IT– people.com.cn review: October 8th, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen four grid management about car draft debut; 9, Chongqing also discloses network management about car draft. Due to the five network about cars in large scale, so the five policy rules are considered about network car reform leader, was also seen as the touchstone of taxi reform. The reform of network about cars – signal details revealed in the north of Guangzhou and Shenzhen five grid management for car about what is the highlights of the draft? May cause changes to travel? What are the thoughts of management and the signal of reform? Look at the industry and experts say. With > > Ma – Spielberg dialogue: a dream to catch "if people dream of you say no, don’t give up, you can go to support the dream of people." The famous American director Steven Spielberg? 9 in Beijing to tell the dream of young people. On the same occasion, China’s young business icon Ma also told young people the three secret of success: "use your brain, to find a good partner, to remain optimistic." With > > – WeChat National Day big data report: Beijing users favorite hair circle of friends on October 10th news, today, WeChat group announced the national big data report — Chinese national holiday. The report of the national basic necessities of life are analyzed in detail. With > > > – Cook comments Apple strategy: not for the first but the best Cook said when talking about the company’s introduction of new products to market strategy, a product can not be listed, the first is the best, and the highest market share. It is understood that, whether it is MP3 players, smart phones or tablet PCs, apple is not the first to launch similar products. Cook said, in fact, Microsoft Tablet PC time than apple early long, about more than and 10 years. With > > > – mobile phone real name system can cut off the hands of telecommunications network fraud? Has been implemented for several years, mobile phone real name system, to the end of this year to draw a full stop. Before October 15th Beijing clear all the "non real name" call will be "one stop" (can not answer can be played at the end of November), the "non real" call will be "double stop" at the end of January 2017, "non real name" call will be "cancel". Other provinces and cities in accordance with their respective conditions are also promoting this work, but the most complete process procedures in Beijing. With > > >   (next page; commissioning editor: easy Xiao, Shen Guangqian)相关的主题文章: