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Jiangsu land policy reform of industrial enterprises can choose long rent way people.com.cn Nanjing 2 September, Jiangsu issued "on the day before the reform of industrial land supply way of guidance to promote enterprise quality and efficiency of industrial transformation and upgrading" (hereinafter referred to as "guidance"), to enhance the government’s initiative, regulate the allocation of resources to correct resources mismatch, promote resource adaptation, enhance resource optimization oriented, the first in China to launch a number of industrial land in the "relaxed + innovation" initiatives, follow the law of development of enterprise, the intention to establish a suitable supply system and industrial development oriented industrial land industry life cycle. According to the current supply system of industrial land, industrial enterprises will need to pay 50 years of the life of the leasing of land use rights at the beginning of the construction project, but the relevant research results show that, regardless of the type of industry, enterprise scale or regional difference angle of industrial enterprise life cycle is generally not more than 30 years, which not only leads to the enterprise the first to achieve high cost of land, and after the enterprise life cycle, easily lead to inefficient use of land. In this regard, the guidance proposed that the country can be combined with the local reality, refinement of the region’s industrial land classification access standards and input and output requirements, to determine the various types of industrial land supply methods applicable objects. In the supply of industrial land, according to the different type of industry, enterprise scale and regional difference of flexible choice of long-term lease, lease with rent to let, land supply elasticity. Among them, the "concession combination" refers to the industrial land in space to lease and transfer combination provided to users of the land; rent let "refers to the industrial land in time to supply land to the users to lease, achieve the input-output conditions, to provide in the form of transfer to the land users;" long-term lease "and" rent a combination "is generally not more than 20 years, rent let the lease and transfer period, and the" flexible transfer "means the agreed transfer period is generally not more than 30 years. "Opinions" also clear that the industrial land obtained in the above way, land users in the specified period of time, in accordance with the contract agreed to pay the price of land. In the process of industrial project approval, urban planning permission, construction permits and other procedures, the land lease contract and the land transfer contract has the same effectiveness. Guidance also requires the use of land in accordance with standards, strengthen the intensity of industrial land development, land investment intensity and other indicators of control. On the scale of land less than 1.5 hectares and suitable for the use of four layers and four layers above with high lift industrial standard workshop for industrial projects, are no longer separate for the guide, land for industrial projects to give priority to the use of the stock of land for construction, the use of high standard workshop. To encourage existing industrial land investment, transformation, rational use of underground space, the existing industrial line planning, do not change the use of the land, by adding layers of plant, the transformation of the old plant, the internal consolidation and other ways to improve land utilization and increase the volume rate is no longer the land price increase. Jiangsu Provincial Department official said, from a business perspective, the "guidance" of the introduction will reduce the enterprise cost to get to promote its more funds as soon as possible to put into effect; from the perspective of land management, to strengthen the "guidance".相关的主题文章: