Jiangsu Zhenjiang Huacheng wine of illegal deposit 10 million yuan in net – new legal person has bee hit5杨帆

Jiangsu Zhenjiang Huacheng wine 10 million yuan of illegal deposit – Beijing legal person has been arrested in Nanjing on 19 September, (reporter Cui Jiaming) 19, the reporter learned from the Zhenjiang city procuratorate, the legal representative of Zhenjiang Huacheng liquor illegally absorbing public deposits 10 million yuan of Liu Weiguo have been prosecutors approved the arrest. Zhenjiang Huacheng wine Cci Capital Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Huacheng wine) to set up offices in Zhenjiang, Yangzhou, claimed that the investment of 15 thousand yuan, after more than a year can be 24 thousand yuan. In June 2016, the company suddenly issued a notice, after the payment of 10% bonus according to the original plan, in July 18th, the company announced to stop all rebates, responsible person also disappeared. Then in July 25th, nearly four hundred Huacheng wine investors have rushed to the public security organs. According to the Yangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Detachment Intelligence Battalion Chen Ju introduced, in the face of such a high rate of return, only Yangzhou has nearly a thousand investors invested a total of nearly 100 million yuan. Since June 2015, Huacheng wine has set up 7 entry points in Yangzhou, Guangling, Yizheng Hanjiang and Jiangdu, investors accept declaration, to raise funds on behalf of the purchase and sale of "Moutai wine". After the Yangzhou police investigation, the case involving nearly a thousand investors in Yangzhou, involving nearly billion yuan, the actual loss of about 40 million yuan. Nationwide, the case involving a total of more than 6 thousand and 480 investors, involving up to $1 billion. In August 2, 2016, the company legal representative Liu Weiguo to Zhenjiang Runzhou Bureau surrender, and mandatory measures taken by public security organs. Today, the Zhenjiang municipal procuratorate informed that the investigation, since September 2014, the suspect Liu Weiguo on behalf of the purchase and sale of liquor, publicity to the community is not a specific object by word of mouth, recommended awards, absorb 10 million yuan investment funds customers, more than 6000 people who suffer. Currently, the case investigation is ongoing. (end)相关的主题文章: