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Jianweixiaoshi Qingshu diabetes   recommend papaya coconut chicken pot – Food Channel — people.com.cn original title: papaya coconut chicken pot recommended: the main effect of Clinical Nutrition Department of Guangdong Province Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital: Jianweixiaoshi, Qingshu diabetes recommended groups: heat season sweating thirst, upset, anorexia materials: papaya 1, coconut milk 2 a light, half chicken, lean 100g (3 persons). Production method: papaya wash, to flesh, cut into pieces; coconut bought back after smashing holes from coconut; chicken peeled, visible fat and viscera after the wash, cut into pieces; meat washed, cut, and chicken blood to boil the water, into the cooker, add 1200~1500ml of water, the fire boil for 15 minutes instead of the 30 minutes boil, add the papaya and coconut milk after fire and cook for 15~20 minutes, a small amount of salt seasoning. Soup comment: Although the autumn has passed, the weather is still hot, "the level of suffering continues. In addition to eat bitter foods, fruits, replenish water, home can also be a papaya coconut chicken pot, Jianweixiaoshi, Qingshu thirst, the soup is not greasy, taste is pretty popular. Here is a tropical fruit papaya papaya, Chinese herbal medicine is not the "calming the liver and stomach, Shu meridians" papaya, raw, boiled syrup, soup can. Papaya can Jianweixiaoshi, from the perspective of modern research, due to containing papain, contribute to protein food (such as meat) digestion and absorption. Heard that papaya can breast enhancement? Feel shy Oh, according to data from the present study, and found no evidence of papaya can breast enhancement, so "to shape up shape" can rest. Coconut milk, coconut is the belly of the water, Chinese medicine that can Qingshu diabetes, fluid diuresis, so in the hot weather, sweating, upset, dry mouth, urine yellow, see sell coconut, smashing a drink, than to drink carbonated drinks strong for thousands of times, but should not drink coconut milk, "herbal Materia Medica" called "eat the air". (commissioning editor Xu Xinyi and Nie Congxiao)相关的主题文章: